Dune: Spice Wars Reveals the Emperor’s Faction, House Corrino


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We may not have seen the Emperor in the first Dune movie, but he is set to make an appearance (played by Christopher Walken) in Dune: Part Two which comes out next year. Before that, though, Emperor Shaddam IV is set to make an appearance in the strategy game Dune: Spice Wars.

Dune: Spice Wars Reveals the Emperor's Faction, House Corrino

In a new announcement for the House Corrino faction, we get a look at the Emperor as well as his Sardaukar forces. Check this out:

The Emperor has been informed of unrest on Arrakis, and he is not happy…

His Imperial Majesty, the Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe Shaddam IV, has arrived on Arrakis to settle the question of its supervision once and for all, and He is not happy about having to make the journey.

With every faction comes its own set of councillors, and House Corrino has one Princess Irulan in their ranks. Besides her, other councillors include Princes Wensicia, Otto Aramsham, and Hasimir Fenring—all of which have special abilities that can help turn the tide of the Spice War to House Corrino’s favour.

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As for the units, the Sardaukar only represent one kind of soldier; even if that is the case, we should expect all other kinds of infantry working for the Emperor to pack quite the punch, especially since they are employed by the most powerful family in the known universe.

To find out more about the Corrino faction, you can visit the official Steam page here.

Dune: Spice Wars is now playable for PC via Steam.

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