Kindle Fire Won’t Charge Problem in 2020 – Here’s a fix!



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Amazon fire is a prominent, sturdy and not so costly tablet for those who prefer budget-oriented gadgets. As gadgets are easy to suffer design defects that may lead to kindle fire won’t charge issue or dysfunction of your tablet.

Finding the solution online is easy and before throwing your kindle fire in the dustbin, you should check out the right troubleshooting methods that can make your dead kindle fire fully charged again and ready to use. Let’s find out the easy procedures you can apply to your kindle fire for getting rid of its charge issue.

Here are The Easy Solutions for Solving Kindle Charging Issue:

  • Resetting Fire Tablet

If you have found out that all the hardware’s of the device are in order, there may be a chance that it could be a software issue. When you do a full reset of your tablet, it would clean the errors inside the software and allow it to charge again. If the fire tablet is charging to a certain percentage, there may be a software issue. To get rid of this, follow this:

  1. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds to make sure the Fire is powered off.
  2. Turn the Fire on with the power button.

Here you just force the fire tablet to turn off & on. This would eliminate the effect of some apps that could have deprived the tablet from charging as the process comprises the resetting of voltage.

  • Using Quality Cables

Almost all the micro USB charge cable use the same design, but there are variations between them. There may also be chances that using low-quality cables can stretch out the receptor port or bend the pins inside it. Instead, use high-quality cables that may cost more but will avoid any short circuit.

  • Buy a New Battery

Old batteries may not perform properly with positives and negatives, so it’s smart to replace them with the new ones. Amazon may not be selling the original kindle tablet batteries, but you can buy them on their site. There are also battery manufacturers who make great batteries, you can use these third-party manufacturers as well. To ensure what batteries you need, you can check the backside of the Amazon tablet box.

  • Test the Charging Adapter

Suppose if the charging adapter is not working fine, you will know for sure. This is the easiest issue to find out. In place of using the charger, you can use the cable to join it with a computer or USB power source and check if your tablet charges or not. If it gets charged, the issue is with your charger. 

It’s crucial to note that not every charger is made equal to fit any device. Most of kindle fire tablets need 5 volts at 1.8amp current. If the charging adapter serves less than this, your tablet may charge slowly or may not charge at all. This same thing can hold for USB cable as well. If you are connecting it directly with a computer or USB charging port, the port can deliver 0.5amp current. You can easily buy low priced charge adapters if you find problems with them.

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