Empire of Sin: How to Use Taxi


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Building your criminal empire is somewhat a challenging endeavor, I think. What’s even more difficult is creating an illegal trafficking network just in one part of a city.

Empire of Sin: How to Use Taxi

To do so, you must travel to the other parts of the world, so that you can establish authority everywhere. Which brings me to my next point.

How do you use the taxis in Empire of Sin? It might seem broken or bugged for some players, but that’s far from the case of what’s happening.

How to Use Taxi in Empire of Sin

Most of the characters in this game are straightshooters, like myself. So, without wasting any of your precious time, this is how to use the taxis in Empire of Sin:

  1. Launch Empire of Sin and go in-game.
  2. Once it’s loaded, open up the map.
  3. On the map, find the place that you want to travel to and zoom in on it.
  4. Find a taxi, they’ll have a taxi/car icon. how to use
  5. Select it, and you will be teleported there after the loading screen.

I suspect most of the players will be frustrated with themselves after finding out the proper way to use the taxis, but believe me you’re not alone.

It was a common misconception that you had to find a taxi where you’re located at the moment, and then choose a destination after you use it there.

This is the normal ways taxis should work right? Which is why so many players fooled themselves into thinking that the game is bugged or broken.

Unfortunately, it’s just a poor game design choice from the developers. Basically, the “taxi” locations are an interesting way to say “fast-travel points”.

It can be seen how this would have been an interesting way to add some uniqueness to the game, but at least they should’ve made it more clear in the tutorial, on the topic of how to fast-travel.

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