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Your heroes in Epic Seven don’t come fully combat-ready, as you have to level up and upgrade them. One of the ways to feed heroes experience points (EXP) is to use Penguins, a unique type of monster. The problem with using Penguins is that you have to get them first.

How to Get Penguins in Epic Seven

If you’re unsure how to get Penguins in Epic Seven, you’re in luck. We’ll guide you through the process, which isn’t a difficult one. Most players can eventually become an expert in Penguin farming with these steps and practice.

What Are Penguins in Epic Seven?

Penguins are considered monsters by Epic Seven, but you can’t play them. They function primarily as EXP fodder or Hero Transmission material.

There are many types of Penguins, namely:

  • Gold-Ringed Penguin
  • Sun Ring Penguin
  • Shooting Star Penguin
  • Ice-Bead Penguin
  • Frost Chain Penguin
  • Fire Spirit Penguin
  • Winter Fragment Penguin
  • Fire-Headed Penguin
  • Fire Helmet Penguin
  • Breezy-Wood Penguin
  • Forest Cloud Penguin
  • Blade Dash Penguin
  • Dark-Wined Penguin
  • Dark Beak Penguin
  • Shadow Tail Penguin

Each Penguin has an element, just like the heroes on your team.

You’ll mainly use Penguins as EXP boosts, and they come in one to three-star variants. The more stars they have, the more EXP they give to the target hero. If the Penguin and hero share the same element, the latter gains even more EXP.

Alternatively, if you have extra Penguins lying around, you can Transmit them into Gold and Silver Transmit Stones. Gold is the standard currency in Epic Seven, and you’ll need it for various purposes.

On the other hand, Silver Transmit Stones are a different currency you use to buy certain items. To earn them, you must Transmit three-star Penguins of any element.

Getting Penguins in Epic Seven

Epic Seven has several sources for Penguins. Let’s take a look at all of them:

The Sanctuary

The best way to get Penguins in Epic Seven is to upgrade the Forest of Souls in your Sanctuary. To unlock the Forest of Souls, you must be at Chapter 2-4, the Winter Ruin Forest.

Once you unlock the Forest of Souls, your next course of action is to upgrade it. You’ll need Gold and Breath of Orbis for this. Choose the option to maximize the number of Penguins you can nurture at once.

Nurturing Penguins takes time; count on waiting around 12 hours for them to hatch. Alternatively, you can also spend Stigma to make them hatch instantly.

Urgent Missions

There’s a particular Urgent Mission that returns occasionally. If you spot it, clear it to earn some Penguins.

The Exchange Shop

When there are Side Stories available, players earn Event Currency for participation. The shops may contain three-star Penguins to exchange for this currency, making farming for them well-worth your time.

Playing Through the Story Missions

Story missions other than the first in a chapter let you farm for EXP and Penguins. You can auto-complete them with a strong party.

Sacrifice the Penguins

These cute creatures are born for sacrificial purposes, but any grief you might have will turn to joy once your heroes level up. You can always get a few Penguins a day, but there are ways to get more. Try to farm for some every day.

How many Penguins do you have? Do you enjoy the Penguin system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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