How to Open Cages in Far Cry 5


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Do cults, adventure, and politics in video games interest you? You’ll love Far Cry 5 and its detailed narrative. You can play the game alone or with another friend, though only the host’s story progress gets saved. On your grand adventure, you’ll undoubtedly notice the various cages littered around the overworld.

How to Open Cages in Far Cry 5

If you’re not sure how to open them, look no further. The answer isn’t spoon-fed to you, but it’s relatively simple nonetheless. Keep on reading to find out more about opening cages.

Cages in Far Cry 5

The cages in Far Cry 5 contain either prisoners or animals. Unlike many items and objects in the game, you don’t get a prompt telling you how to open them. Instead, you have to follow these instructions.

  1. Whether you’re playing alone or with a friend, locate a cage.
    1 3
  2. Pull a firearm out.
  3. Aim at the strap holder at the cage’s side.
  4. Fire one round.
  5. If you hit the strap, the cage will open.
    3 5

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to spend cartridges on cages, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find a cage.
  2. Equip a melee weapon.
  3. Make sure you aim at the strap holder.
  4. Hit the straps.
  5. The cage will pop open if you strike the right spot.

Either method will work on all cages. The rewards won’t change no matter how you open them.

Some players struggle to open cages because there isn’t a specific button to press. Unlike interacting with items to pick them up, you have to hit them with a weapon. This reason is why there are no prompts to open a cage.

Since some cultists like to lock predators inside cages, it’s good practice to use a firearm to open the enclosure. By doing so, you have enough time to react to the predator and get its skin.

Saving prisoners with a melee weapon is more optimal, however, as they won’t attack you. Instead of using up your bullets, keep them for cultists and hostile wildlife.

Missions That Involve Cages

Some missions involve opening cages as a part of their progress. Now that you know how to open cages, you can breeze through them without much trouble. Let’s take a look at one mission first.

A Dish Served Cold

After you complete the Baton Lumber Mill mission, you can speak to Jess. This action will trigger “A Dish Served Cold,” in which you save many hostages. Jess will first make you kill some enemies before you get to the hostage-freeing section.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. Jess will direct you to a cliff, where you must take down cultists and free hostages.
    4 5
  2. You can open the cages stealthily or after killing the enemies.
  3. Talk to the hostages, who will tell you to save others.
    5 4
  4. When you reach the quarry, kill the enemies and open the cages.
  5. Talk to these prisoners, one of which will tell you The Cook abducted her husband.
    6 2
  6. Fight and defeat The Cook.


This mission has a unique cage that you can’t open by attacking the straps. Thus, we’ll guide you through opening it.

Before you can play this mission, you must help the Hope County Prison’s resistance members and talk to Sheriff Earl Whitehouse. Next, you’ll go to The Misery.

  1. When you reach the location, you have to kill the guards without alerting them.
    9 1
  2. The Priestess will approach, and we recommend destroying her vehicle with a rocket launcher.
  3. Once the Priestess is dead, you must save the other hostages.
  4. One hostage is in a cage, and you have to pull a red lever to release them.

Other than this hostage, the rest aren’t in cages and are simply tied up. There are no regular cages in this mission.

Deputy to the Rescue

Opening cages in Far Cry 5 isn’t a complicated affair as you only need to break the straps. While there are some cages you might not want to open, most of them will lead to rewards and mission progress. Thus, we recommend using both methods as you see fit to release what’s inside.

Did you struggle to open cages at first? How long did it take to figure out how to open the cell in Salvation? Tell us in the comments section below.

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