How to Get Powder of Knowledge in Epic 7


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You can’t get stronger in Epic 7 by skill and character levels alone as, without the help of items, you can’t outperform enemies. You can get your characters powerful gear to become stronger. However, certain items have to be purchased using Powder of Knowledge.

How to Get Powder of Knowledge in Epic 7

If you require Powder of Knowledge but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place. This currency will prove helpful later in the game, so you should farm it as much as possible.

Farm Powder of Knowledge From Dagger Sicar

When you reach Account Rank 66, you can access the Dagger Sicar in the Reputation tab. While there are many missions in the Dagger Sicar, only a few will drop Powder of Knowledge.

The Dagger Sicar’s missions are divided into Hunt, Hall of Trials, Expedition, and Labyrinth. These categories also contain missions in Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty. Completing the challenges will reward you with points and a prize.

In this section, we’ll discuss Expedition missions first. Here they are:

  • Blooming Snag Lich Level 3

You must reach 1,100,000 points in a single entry. Completing the challenge will reward you with 180 points and 200 Powder of Knowledge. All the following missions yield the same rewards.

1 20
  • Brutal Pherus Level Three

The challenge is to reach 2,000,000 points, and you get the standard reward.

2 7
  • Hopeless Symagus Level 3

Reach 1,000,000 points in one sitting to beat the challenge.

4 3
  • Destructive Gigantes Level 3

The challenge and rewards are the same as Blooming Snag Lich Level Three.

4 4

You can only complete these four challenges once. After you beat all four, you’ll have to rely on other ways and farm Powder of Knowledge the hard way.

Clearing Abyss Floors

Unfortunately, only floors 89 and 95 give 150 Powder of Knowledge each. However, this amount is still a welcome bonus. Make sure to clear the Abyss when you can and reach these two floors.

5 2

Fighting World Bosses

In 2019, Epic 7 received an update introducing the Guild system. The new system lets players team up with friends and tackle tough battles together. One of the modes you can play as a Guild member is the World Boss.

The World Boss is a dangerous monster that deters all but the most determined players. However, you can turn the boss fight into a walk in the park with a powerful Guild. This game mode is unique in that you can bring 12 Heroes plus four support Heroes into the fray.

By gaining more points and achieving a grade of SSS+, you can win some great rewards, including 10 Powder of Knowledge. As this currency is hard to come by, even 10 of it is a great haul. Players who fight the World Boss can often eventually save up to buy limited Artifacts.

6 2

Wyvern Hunts

Participating in Wyvern Hunts can also net you some Powder. Unlike Expeditions, you can play in Hunt missions as long as you have the energy.

While you can always play Hunt Stages 9 to 13, the drop rates for Powder of Knowledge are abysmal, and you only get one per run. These low chances make constant grinding and farming necessary, though you also get plenty of other rewards.

7 4

Sell Your Extra Artifacts

When you play Epic 7 long enough, you’ll end up with plenty of Artifacts you no longer need. You can sell them for Powder of Knowledge. Artifacts have differing rarities, and the amount of Powder you’ll receive for them also varies.

  • Three-star Artifacts sell for one Powder of Knowledge
    8 13
  • Four-star Artifacts sell for eight Powder of Knowledge
    9 9
  • Five-star Artifacts yield 30 Powder of Knowledge
    10 5

It would be best to sell only three-star Artifacts, as the rarer ones are practical and limited.

Other Ways of Getting Powder of Knowledge

There are three other ways you can get Powder of Knowledge, but all of them require spending money:

  • Buying an Artifact Pack containing 60 Powder of Knowledge
    11 3
  • Roll in the Covenant Summon
    12 2
  • Huche Shop, but it’s not worth it at all

Knowledge Is Power

You can spend money and buy Powder of Knowledge, but only two of three methods are practical. Even if the drop rates aren’t generous, farming for the premium currency is the preference for most players. Thankfully, selling extra Artifacts is an option.

How much Powder of Knowledge do you have? Do you think Huche’s Shop is an excellent place to buy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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