Even More Unannounced Silent Hill Games Rumored to be in Development


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The Silent Hill franchise had been, well, silent, for the past few years, but a few months ago, Konami had announced that they are working on four new games as well as a movie. We don’t know when we’re going to get a look at their upcoming games, but rumor has it that there could be more.

Even More Unannounced Silent Hill Games Rumored to be in Development

As per GamingBolt, insider AestheticGamer had posted on ResetEra that there are actually more Silent Hill projects that haven’t been announced. They post:

“There’s at least three Silent Hill projects which haven’t been announced yet, not including The Short Message. Yes, really. But one of them is in very early development.”

So far, the announced SH games include Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill: Ascension, and the remake of Silent Hill 2.

Though there is a lot of buzz surrounding the remake of Silent Hill 2, a lot of fans have been excited for Silent Hill f which is a new mainline title from NeoBards Entertainment.

With Konami opening up the Silent Hill license to more developers, it definitely tracks that we would be getting more Silent Hill games down the line. Too bad Hideo Kojima’s cancelled game won’t ever be coming after it was cancelled back in 2015.

With Resident Evil dominating the horror video game market right now, fans are excited for the return of Silent Hill which was one of the biggest horror IPs during its time—even spawning multiple films.

We don’t know when Konami plans to make a new Silent Hill announcement, but hopefully we get something around E3 later this year.

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