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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in olden times in the Pokemon world when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in Hisui, modern-day Sinnoh, you will join the Galaxy Expedition Team (Galaxy Team for short) as a member of the Survey Corps stationed in Jubilife Village. You will be tasked to meet every Hisui Pokemon species to complete the region’s first-ever Pokédex.

How to Evolve Machoke into Machamp in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

In the game, there are certain Pokemon that players cannot catch or are hard to catch in the wild. One of the methods to catch these Pokemon is through evolution. One of these Pokemon is Machamp, and in this guide, you will learn how to evolve Machoke into a Machamp!

Machoke into Machamp

Machamp is a Fighting type Superpower Pokemon that looks like a buff human with bluish-gray skin, four buff arms, red eyes, yellow lips, three brown ridges on its head, two feet with two toes each, black briefs, and a belt that looks like a championship belt.

According to its Pokedex entry in the game, Machamp’s four arms give it an offensive and defensive advantage in close combat. Additionally, Machamp can overwhelm its opponent with more than a thousand blows from its fists, which can happen in but a blink.

Machamp can only be found in Arena’s Approach, which is in the western part of the Alabaster Icelands, and Machamp can be found in this location at all times of the day and in every weather condition. It is worth noting, however, that the Machamp that can be found in the location mentioned above is a Level 70 Alpha Pokemon. Aside from that, the player may also find Machamp in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Cobalt Coastlands and the Alabaster Icelands.

However, if you would instead obtain a Machamp through evolution, the player can catch one by evolving a Machoke using a Linking Cord. First, the player should know where to find a Machoke


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The player can find a Machoke in the Obsidian Fieldlands (at the top of the Obsidian Falls), in the Cobalt Coastlands (in Castaway Shore), in the Coronet Highlands (in Balderoll Ravine and Cloudcap Pass), and in the Alabaster Icelands (in Arena’s Approach, Icebound Falls, and Snowfall Hotspring).

Machoke can be found in these locations at all times of the day and in every weather condition. It is worth mentioning that the Machoke that can be found in Castaway Shore in the Cobalt Coastlands is a Level 40 Alpha Pokemon. Aside from that, Machoke can be found in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Cobalt Coastlands and the Alabaster Icelands.

If you plan on distracting it with food before catching it, it is worth mentioning that Machoke’s preferred foods are Springy Mushrooms, Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans.

Suppose you plan on battling a Machoke first before catching it. In that case, it is worth noting that, as mentioned, Machoke is a Fighting type Pokemon which means it has a weakness to Fairy-type, Flying-type, and Psychic-type moves (super effective) and resistance to the Bug-type, Dark-type, and Rock-type moves (not very effective).

Linking Cord

Now that the player has caught a Machoke, all that is needed to evolve a Machoke into Machamp is a Linking Cord. There are several ways that the player can obtain a Linking Cord:

The player can purchase a Linking Cord for 8,000 Pokemon Dollars from Ginter at the Gingko Guild Shop between the Galaxy Hall and the player’s headquarters. However, Ginter will call it a Mysterious Cord. Unfortunately, the items that the Gingko Guild Merchants sell are not the same, so purchasable items may vary. To change the things that Ginter is selling, the player must first catch 20 Pokemon.

The player can also purchase a Linking Cord from the Trading Post near the Training Grounds for 1,000 Merit Points. The player can earn Merit Points by returning lost satchels all over the Hisui region.

Other than that, the player may find some Linking Cord on the ground inside of Space-Time Distortions, so check out the items inside them.

Alternatively, the player will be rewarded with a Linking Cord for completing the “Getting to Know the Ghosts” Request (request 64). The player can start this request by talking to Ward near the bridge in front of the Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village after receiving the “Scaling Perilous Heights” Mission (mission 11) and catching a Gastly to add it to the player’s Pokedex.

Finally, Machamp!

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After catching a Machoke and obtaining a Linking Cord, the player can evolve a Machoke into a Machamp!

To do that, this is what the player must do:

  1. Put the player’s Machoke in the Player’s party by talking to the Galaxy Member near the tent on any of the Base Camps, selecting “I want to see my Pokemon” on the prompt, or heading to the Pastures in the eastern part of Jubilife Village.
  2. Then, ensure that the Linking Cord is in the player’s Satchel. If not, the player can access the Item Storage in any of the Base Camps or the Item Storage near the Front Gate in the northeastern part of Jubilife City and move the Linking Cord to the player’s Satchel.
  3. Afterward, return to the game and press the up-directional button to open the player’s Satchel.
  4. Select the Linking Cord, select “Use” on the prompt, then select Machoke from the player’s party, too; well, use the Linking Cord on Machoke.
  5. Confirm the prompt to evolve Machoke. Then, just like that, Machoke will evolve into a Machamp!

Now that the player has a Machamp, the player can try to use the Machamp to complete other requests, missions, or Arceus’ tasks for the player to catch ‘em all!

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