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There seems to be a lot of confusion when players try to charge up their armor in Factorio. This is a normal occurance since many players use a low number of panels to charge an armor.

Factorio: How to Charge Batteries for Armor

In Factorio there are quite a number of ways to charge certain devices with batteries, or charge batteries in general. Nevertheless, I will show you the best way you can charge your armor if you are having trouble with solar panels.

How to Charge Batteries for Armor – Factorio

As I said, the main reason that players are having issues with recharging their armor, is because they’re not using enough solar panels to charge the armor.

There is also a far more efficient way to charge an armor and that is by using a fusion reactor. However, the main drawback is that you have to unlock it.

So, to charge your batteries in Factorio, you’ll need to use a lot of solar panels, or a fusion reactor. I would suggest that you switch to a fusion reactor as fast as possible, as it’s far more efficient.

How Many Solar Panels do you Need for Armor?

Nonetheless, if you insist to use solar panels, then you will need to get about 12-13 solar panels, and lower your amount of batteries if you want faster charging.

Using a lot of batteries will give you the impression that they’re not charging, but I can assure you they are.

Temporary Fix

Using panels is what I would consider a “temporary” way of charging your armor. I can’t stress enough how much better and efficient a fusion reactor is.

If you want to use the armor before your fusion reactor, by all means do so. But in the long-run, I just don’t see the reason that one might use solar panels as charging devices for the batteries in armors.

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