Fake Deke In NHL 21 – How to Do Fake Deke


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There are exceptional moves you can do in NHL 21. However, there are straightforward ones which are very efficient.

Fake Deke In NHL 21 - How to Do Fake Deke

The success rate is probably a lot higher for these easy moves, since they’re far more straightforward to do unlike other very complex tricks. The fake deke is one of the easiest moves, but do not mistake it for a simple move.

Thankfully, we have made a comprehensive guide to do the fake deke in NHL 21.

How to Do Fake Deke in NHL 21

This move is unique, since it has a little bit of deception in it. You move forward with the puck going left and right until you don’t move it anymore, and you leave it to go in a straight line.

This can be confusing for other players because they are expecting more control from you. Instead, you leave the puck to go freely. The “shot” is very slow, so to do this I advise that you be close to your opponent’s goal.

If you want to try this out for yourself, this is how to do the fake deke in NHL 21:

Left-Handed Players

  1. Press L1 or LB depending on your platform while moving forward.
  2. Move the left stick to the right while holding L1 or LB.
  3. Immediately switch to the right stick, by moving it to the left.

Right-Handed Players

  1. Hold L1 or LB for either PS or Xbox.
  2. Flick the left stick to the left at 9 o’clock, all the while holding LB or L1.
  3. Move the right stick to the right at 3 o’clock fast.
nhl 21 fake deke console controls

That’s how easy it is to execute this move. However, be warned that, this move might work for other players, but computers are more equipped to deal with it.

I would not recommend doing this trick against AI, since the success rate is very low. Nevertheless, I hope you are at least a percent more mechanically competent. Good luck!

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