How to Open Safes in Far Cry 5


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Safes are one of the most straightforward ways to get some extra cash in Far Cry 5. They’re found in various locations around the map, typically in stashes behind locked doors. Unlocking them is usually a matter of available resources and skills, and there’s no shortage of options to choose from. This article will provide all the best ways of opening safes and other locked doors in the game.

How to Open Safes in Far Cry 5

Opening Safes in Far Cry 5

There are three main ways to open safes in Far Cry 5, depending on how willing you are to spend some resources or perk points. Safes don’t have keys to open them, so you’ll have to resort to breaking them open somehow, no matter which option you choose.

Using Explosives

The most straightforward and resource-intensive way to open safes is to blow them up with good old C4 or dynamite charges. As long as you get far away, the explosive will destroy the entire safe and not much else. Due to miracle physics, its contents remain untouched and easy pickings.

During regular gameplay, you shouldn’t have a shortage of explosives to choose from for opening safes. If you’re out of them, you can always craft them by pulling the remote charge slot on the weapon wheel and selecting the crafting option, provided you have the resources to make some explosives. Otherwise, you can always go for more innocuous approaches.

Picking Locks

If you use six perk points in the Locksmith skill, you can access lockpicks and use them. The game is pretty generous with perk points, and you can easily get to Locksmith 6 within the first hour or so of gameplay without sacrificing other options. With this ability, all you have to do is approach the locked safe and select the button shown on the tooltip to open it.

One of the most significant benefits of skilling up Locksmith for opening safes is that the ability also works on locked doors that use keys (not keycards). This way, you get more options down the road, which spares you some explosives best saved for more ambitious projects.

Using a Blowtorch

If you use five perk points in the Repair skill, you get a blowtorch to use. While this usually means you can repair items more effectively, a blowtorch also makes short work of safes. All you have to do is press the “Repair” button when near a safe, and your character gets to work. This method is slower than explosives and noisier than using lockpicks, but it does the job nonetheless.

A side benefit of getting a blowtorch is that you can work on vehicles easier, either repairing or opening them. And you can even use it as a makeshift close-range weapon in a pinch.

No Safe Is Safe in Far Cry 5

With three excellent options to choose from for opening safes, the riches of Hope County can be yours so long as you have the resources and skills. There are nine safes scattered throughout the map. Try to find them all and enjoy your loot!

What is your favorite method of opening safes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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