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Civilization 6, often referred to as Civ 6, allows players to build up empires from scratch. These Civilizations don’t win by military might alone, as many aspects go into governing a nation. One of these aspects is the Culture statistic.

How to Win Culture in Civilization VI

Did you know that with proper management and planning, you can get a Culture Victory? It’s one of five main ways to win a game in Civ 6, but winning this way isn’t simple. Keep on reading to find out how to win culturally.

Defining Culture and Cultural Victory

“Culture” in Civ 6 is the measure of a nation’s arts and crafts. While it wasn’t as useful in Civ 5, Culture now has an expanded role in the form of Civics.

The moment you found your first city, you started earning Culture automatically. This process won’t stop until you win the game and end it. Culture also helps with border expansion, and this is also automatic.

Players can’t control this form of expansion with Culture, though other methods may allow them to do so. One way is to buy tiles with Gold.

A “Cultural Victory” refers to winning the game via “cultural superiority.” Your Civilization must attract more Foreign Tourists than there are Domestic Tourists at home. Once you manage to reach this point before other Civilizations, the game ends.

Contrary to what you may believe, Culture isn’t the primary stat you need to achieve Cultural Victory. This honor goes to Tourism, and both stats are closely related. Culture is still a vital stat if you wish to have high Tourism for a victory.

What Is Tourism?

Tourism is the stat you want to focus on if you wish to win via Cultural Victory. It’s a unique stat in that you don’t actively use it for buildings, but it applies pressure on other Civilizations. They will have to surpass your Tourism stats if they want to win.

With Tourism, you attract both Domestic and Foreign Tourists. The former are people of your Civilization who are visiting your Tourist Attractions. The latter group consists of foreigners who are enticed to your Attractions and high Tourism stats.

Getting a Cultural Victory

We already explained what a Cultural Victory is, but there isn’t a concrete way to achieve it. Instead, we’ll offer you some tips and tricks that make the process easier.

  • Focus on Culture and Tourism early on
    The sooner you prioritize both Culture and Tourism, the closer you are to Cultural Victory. Unlocking Civics boosts will make increasing your Tourism stats easier and more efficient.
  • Build Tourist Attractions

    These buildings are the main reason all Tourists visit. The more Tourist Attractions you have, the more Foreign Tourists will come to your Civilization.
  • Open the borders
    With open borders, Foreign Tourists will enter your territory easier. This act will boost Tourism by 25% each turn for every nation with an existing agreement.
  • Get plenty of Great Works
    Great Works are excellent for Diplomacy, but they also give you Culture per turn. Great Works of Music and Writing give you four points, while Great Works of Art provide three.
  • Choose the right kind of government
    If you choose a lenient government, you tend to gain Culture easier. Radical governments, such as communist ones, don’t get as much Culture per turn.
  • Build Wonders
    Some Wonders in Civ 6 give you plenty of Culture points. The Estadio do Maracanã makes each city in your Civilization produce six more Culture points. Others also give more minor boosts, depending on which Wonder you choose to build.

Welcome to My Nation

Cultural Victories provide a different type of satisfaction as you win not through conquest but by capturing the hearts of Foreign Tourists. There are various strategies in getting a Cultural Victory, and you can try each of them out yourself. The journey may be challenging and lengthy, but the win will be sweeter.

What strategy do you prefer using for Cultural Victories? Which Civilization is the best for winning this way? Let us know in the comments section below.

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