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My Time at Portia is a massive open-world role-playing game with tons of quests that will have you running from one location to another location. Roaming around Portia while on a mission can be a great way to familiarize yourself with the city, but it can get tedious over time.

How to Fast Travel in My Time at Portia

As you progress through the game, you will be given a mission to assemble a transportation system called the Dee-Dee Transport. You will be provided with instructions on constructing the three-wheeled vehicle, but gathering all the materials for this mission can be a hassle. This guide can help you complete this mission easily, so read ahead to learn more about fast travel in this game.

Assembling Dee-Dee Transports

For starters, getting the mission Assemble Dee-Dee Transport will require you to finish The Cave on Amber Island mission. The Mayor will host a fireside meeting day after turning in the aforementioned mission. He will then announce that he has finally allocated a budget to form a transportation system for Portia, and he will need the local builders’ help to accomplish this goal. To get the task done as quickly as you should, here is what you need to do:

  1. You can accept the Dee-Dee Transport mission the following day through the Commerce Guild commission board. Remember that you may only accept one commission at a time, but you can work on four or five Dee-Dee transport vehicles.
  2. Petra from the Research Center will hand you a Diagram for making a Dee-Dee Transport. She will also give you the information on where to get a Small Engine, one of the crafting materials needed for the vehicle. Suppose you are always in Abandoned Ruins #1 searching for relics, then you may have already found a Small Engine.
  3. You will need a Level 2 Worktable to be able to complete this mission. Upgrade your Worktable at A&G Construction for 2,000 Gols, 20 Wooden Boards, and 5 Old Parts.
  4. Gather 32 Wood and turn them into 4 Wooden Boards with a Civil Cutter. Smelt 40 Sand with a Stone Furnace to get 5 Glasses. Trees are basically found throughout Portia, so you will not have any problems collecting Wood. Sand can be extracted with a Pickaxe from any rock or in Abandoned Ruins #1.
  5. If you have two spare furnaces, smelt 15 Copper Ore to turn them into 5 Copper Bars. Next, make 2 Bronze Bars with 34 Copper Ore and 6 Tin Ore. Copper Ore and Tin Ore are commonly found in Abandoned Ruins #1.
  6. Use your Basic Skiver to make 2 Leather with 4 Fur and 2 Plant Fibers. Once your Basic Skiver has finished refining the leathers, craft 6 Fiber Cloths by paring 12 Plant Fibers and 12 Worn Fur with it. Plant Fibers can be obtained from bushes or small trees. Meanwhile, Fur and Worn Fur are being dropped by monsters like Bandirats or Panbats.
  7. Make 3 Rubber Tires with 15 Rubber Fruit and the 2 Bronze Bars you smelted. Rubber fruit can be obtained from kicking big trees. You can craft two Single Seats using 20 Wooden Boards and 2 Leather.
  8. Let’s have a recap of all the materials you will need to create a Dee-Dee Transport vehicle. You are required to have 5 Glasses, 1 Small Engine, 2 Single Seats, 5 Copper Bars, 3 Rubber Tires, and 6 Fiber Cloths. After acquiring all the items necessary to construct a Dee-Dee Transport vehicle, you may now head to the Assembly Station to make one.

Note: A hidden achievement can be unlocked if you choose to complete The Cave on Amber Island quest on a Thursday. The Mayor will have to call the fireside meeting on a Friday. And you will be getting requests to build the Dee-Dee Transport on a Saturday. Your rival, Higgins, does not take commissions on a weekend. Therefore, you will have more chances to make more Dee-Dee Transport vehicles if you begin the quest on that day.

Accepting and turning in commissions in this game is occasionally a race against time, so make sure to prepare five vehicles beforehand. Successfully assembling all five Dee-Dee Transport vehicles will earn you the City Transporter achievement.

The Dee-Dee Stops Here

The Dee-Dee Stops Here is a mission you will get after making at least one Dee-Dee Transport. Dee-Dee Stops are road signs where you can get on and get off the three-wheeled vehicle. You can refer to the step-by-step guide we have made below to complete this mission efficiently:

  1.  You may talk to Mayor Gale to get this mission started. After that, he will tell you to go to the Research Center and ask Petra for the Dee-Dee Stop Diagram. Petra will then request 3 Data Discs to be able to research the materials needed to make a Dee-Dee Stop.
  2. As soon you obtain the Diagram for the Dee-Dee Stop through your mailbox, you may start working on it right away. Let’s begin with making the easiest crafting material — the Hardwood Plank. You can chop Hardwood from medium and large trees with a Bronze Pickaxe. You will only need to gather 5 Hardwood to make 5 Hardwood Plank.
  3. With your Copper and Tin Ore, smelt a total of 16 Bronze Bars using a Civil Furnace. After getting your Bronze Bars, use 4 of them to make 2 Bronze Pipes with a Grinder. Using a Civil Cutter, turn the remaining Bronze Bars into 4 Bronze Plates.
  4. At the Basic Skiver crafting station, make 3 Fiber Cloths using 2 Worn Fur and 2 Plant Fibers. Carol also sells Fiber Cloth for 28 Gols in her Clothing Store. And she stacks up 5 Fiber Cloth daily.
  5. So, in conclusion, you will need 3 Fiber Cloths, 4 Bronze Plates, 2 Bronze Pipes, and 5 Hardwood Planks to construct a Dee-Dee Stop.

In the same way as building a Dee-Dee Transport, you can make more than one Dee-Dee Stop. You only need to make three stop signs to complete the mission. But there are a total of 15 locations wherein you can place Dee-Dee Stops, and those are:

  • Amber Island
  • Peach Plaza
  • Portia Harbor
  • Research Center
  • Tree Farm
  • Abandoned Ruins #2
  • Bassanio Lift
  • Duck Pond
  • Eufaula Desert
  • Hot Springs
  • Northern Part of the Tree Farm
  • Portia Bridge
  • Portia Falls
  • Sewage Plant
  • Somber Marsh

You will not be getting an achievement for making all the Dee-Dee Stops this time around. However, we can all agree that unlocking fast travel in this game is already a reward itself.

Getting a Horse

Getting a Horse Stable and a Horse is not included in the Town Improvements plotline, but riding a Horse can also help you travel across Portia faster. Below is what you are required to do to get access to a Horse:

  1. To buy a Horse Stable, you will first need to save up to 5,000 Gols and make 20 Iron Bars and 20 Stone Bricks. You can easily earn money by turning in commissions and selling fish. Use a Furnace to smelt Iron Ore into Iron Bars, and process Stones into Stone Bricks.
  2. Head to the A&G Construction office and interact with their catalog to build a Horse Stable. A Horse Stable can take up some space, so ensure you have enough room in your workshop before you purchase this building.
  3. Go to McDonald’s Ranch to purchase a Horse. However, you need to complete the McDonald’s Stable mission prior to buying a horse in his stable. You can buy a Horse with prices ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 Gols. Renting a horse, on the other hand, will only cost you 500 Gols.

That is all you need to know about unlocking fast travel in My Time at Portia. Getting access to the city’s Transportation System may allow you to get to places quickly compared to traveling on foot (or with a horse), but riding a vehicle will still consume minutes or even hours of your in-game time. Keep that in mind, especially when you are off completing time-sensitive missions, because you do not want to fail them and lose their completion rewards forever.

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