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Most simulation games consider fishing as a mini-game that could be a way for you to collect fish or items, or an alternative method to earn small amounts of money. But in My Time at Portia, fishing is recognized to be an extremely profitable activity. It will do you good to start fishing early in the game so you can make money fast. So here we prepared a guide that details all the facts you need to know about fishing.

How to Fish in My Time at Portia

Selling fish to gain wads of Gols is not only the thing you can do with fish. You can cook them, use them for breeding, gift them to the residents of Portia, and donate them to the Museum to acquire rewards. In addition to that, fishing is also essential in completing a bunch of character missions.

You will be introduced to fishing as soon as you accept a mission from Qiwa. Qiwa is one of the 7 Hulu brothers, and he is the only Hulu brother who’s particularly fond of fishing. The mission involves Qiwa asking you to replace his broken fishing rod with a brand-new Beginner’s Fishing Rod.

Before you can start fishing, you’re required to have a Fishing Rod and Bait. A Caterpillar Bait is what you can use to lure fish. You can gather bait from plants, or you may buy them from Grandma Sophie on her ranch for 4 Gols each. However, in order to make a fishing rod, you need to collect several materials for crafting.

Making your own Fishing Rod

·         Beginner’s Fishing Rod: You will need 15 wood, 2 Wild Cocoon, and 1 Copper Bar to make a Beginner’s Fishing Rod. A Level 1 Worktable is required to craft this type of rod. But since it’s already basically available at the start, you’ll have no trouble making it after you gather the materials.

·         Classic Fishing Rod: You will need to get 3 Bronze Pipes, 2 Wild Cocoon, and 1 Manganese Steel Bar to make a Classic Fishing Rod. A Level 2 Worktable is required to craft this rod, so upgrading the Worktable at least once is a must. 

·         Master’s Fishing Rod: You will need to donate all of the Emperor Fish to the Museum to acquire this rod. It is the only Master’s Fishing Rod you can get in the game. Therefore, we recommend that you not sell it or use it for gifting.

Fishing Locations and Tips

Learning to fish in My Time at Portia is quite simple and easy. On the other hand, it may take a while before you can discover most of the fishing locations. You can only find certain fishing spots after unlocking some areas on the map. Unlocking these inaccessible areas will rely on your completing some of the game’s main missions.

Fishing Tips

1. Equip the Fishing Rod from your quickbar. Make sure you’ve brought some bait with you before you head onto a fishing spot.

2. You have to be in a specific zone of the fishing spot before you can start the mini-game. Once a letter E icon appears, you may press E to begin fishing.

3. Each time you cast a line, you will spend 6 stamina points. Whenever a fish bites onto the hook, you will consume 1 bait. Therefore, bringing a handful of bait and food will get you through a whole day of fishing.

4. A red question mark appearing indicates that a fish has been hooked. Click the left mouse button to reel it in. A white bubble and a red tension bubble will then appear while you pull in a hooked fish.

5. Like in most fishing mini-games, the fish will inevitably struggle in an attempt to free itself. If the red tension bubble fills up the white bubble, the fish will manage to escape. You have to keep the fish inside the white bubble while holding down the left mouse button until you successfully get hold of the fish.

Types of Fish

There are 13 types of fish in the game, each with 3 variations: Normal Fish, Emperor Fish, and King Fish. The odds of you catching a fish is 92%, while you have an 8% chance to get other items like Seaweed, Talisman, Racket, Rusty Iron Pipe, Shell Necklace, and Crystal Necklace.

We have listed below all the available types of fish in Portia, including their usual market prices in stores.

Normal FishEmperor FishKing Fish
Golden Salmon (30 Gols) Emperor Golden Salmon (60 Gols)Golden Salmon King (5,000 Gols)
Catfish (30 Gols) Emperor Catfish (60 Gols)Catfish King (5,000 Gols)
Banner Fish (30 Gols)Emperor Banner Fish (60 Gols)Banner Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Koi Fish (40 Gols)Emperor Koi Fish (80 Gols)Koi King (5,000 Gols)
Firefish (45 Gols)Emperor Firefish (90 Gols)Firefish King (5,000 Gols)
Blade Fish (60 Gols)Emperor Blade Fish (120 Gols)Blade Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Frog Fish (75 Gols)Emperor Frog Fish (150 Gols)Frog Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Lantern Fish (90 Gols)Emperor Lantern Fish (180 Gols)Lantern Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Bubblefish (100 Gols)Emperor Bubblefish (100 Gols)Bubblefish King (5,000 Gols)
Blue Mackerel (180 Gols)Emperor Blue Mackerel (360 Gols)Blue Mackerel King (5,000 Gols)
Gladiator Fish (280 Gols)Emperor Gladiator Fish (560 Gols)Gladiator Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Wise Fish (320 Gols)Emperor Wise Fish (640 Gols)Wiser Fish (5,000 Gols)
Goliath (350 Gols)Emperor Goliath (700 Gols)Goliath King (5,000 Gols)

You can sell the fish you’ve caught to these stores: Mars’ Total Tools, Paulie’s Best Brother, Martha’s Bakery, Django’s Food Store, Sophie’s Farm Store, Yeye’s South Block Trade Post, Harbor Trade Station, and the Temporary Stores that you will sometimes find in the Abandoned Ruins.

Fishing Spots

Portia River

Portia River is located near the bank which is south of your Workshop. The fish you can catch in this spot are Catfish and Frog Fish. Occasionally, you may also find an Emperor Catfish and an Emperor Frog Fish here. And if you’re lucky, you can reel in a Catfish King or Frog Fish King from this river.

Amber Island

Amber Island can be accessed after completing the Bridge To Amber Island mission. Once you’ve built a bridge that leads to Amber Island, you’ll be able to fish in a spot that spawns Banner Fish, Koi Fish, and Blue Mackerel. Rare fish such as Emperor Banner Fish, Emperor Koi Fish, Blue Mackerel, Banner Fish King, Koi King, Blue Mackerel King could also be found here.

Portia Harbor

Portia Harbor has a fishing spot that spawns Golden Salmon, Bubblefish, Emperor Golden Salmon, Emperor Bubblefish, Golden Salmon King, and Bubblefish King.

Bassanio Falls

Head to the southeast part of the town, and there you’ll see the Bassanio Falls. You can find various fish here, such as Golden Salmon, Emperor Golden Salmon, Golden Salmon King, Goliath, Emperor Goliath, and Goliath King.

Western Beach

Western Beach fishing spot has common as well as rare fish like Banner Fish, Firefish, Lantern Fish, Emperor Banner Fish, Emperor Firefish, Emperor Lantern Fish, Banner Fish King, Firefish King, Lantern Fish King. You can find the beach on the farther west side of Portia Harbor, so getting there by walking will take some time.

Collapsed Wasteland

You can access the Collapsed Wasteland area after completing the mission Hazardous Ruins. Once you’ve successfully won against the Civil Corps in a sparring match, you can now go to the fishing spot which is in the center of the Collapsed Wasteland. You may be able to catch several fish there like Blade Fish, Catfish, Wise Fish, Emperor Blade Fish, Emperor Catfish, Emperor Wise Fish, Catfish King, Blade Fish King, and Wiser Fish.

Eufaula Desert 

Eufaula Desert will be available during the mid-game after you’ve completed The Portia Bridge mission. Once you’ve finished building to the Eufaula Desert, you will find a fishing spot in the Oasis which is in the middle of the desert. There you may catch Golden Salmon Fish, Wise Fish, Gladiator Fish, Emperor Golden Salmon Fish, Emperor Wise Fish, Emperor Gladiator Fish, Golden Salmon King, Wiser Fish, and Gladiator Fish King.

Eufaula Heights

Eufaula Heights is situated on the north side of the Desert Oasis. The fishing spot in this area spawns hard-to-catch fish such as Blade Fish, Blue Mackerel, Goliath Fish, Emperor Blade Fish, Emperor Blue Mackerel Fish, Emperor Goliath Fish, Blade Fish King, Blue Mackerel Fish King, and Goliath Fish King.

Starlight Island

You will only be able to explore Starlight Island after finishing the mission Adventure on Starlight Island. The Island’s fishing spot is on the west side of the port, where the valuable Gladiator Fish usually populates. You may also catch Koi Fish in this spot. Of course, rare Fish like Emperor Gladiator Fish, Emperor Koi Fish, Gladiator Fish King, Koi King also inhabit here.

Somber Marsh

You may access Somber Marsh late in the game after finishing the Road To The Marsh mission. The marsh is located on the southeast side of the island, where you can find Bubblefish, Frog Fish, Lantern Fish. You may also catch uncommon fish here like Emperor Bubblefish, Emperor Frog Fish, Emperor Lantern Fish, Bubblefish King, Frog Fish King, and Lantern Fish King.

Fishing Perk

Fish Encyclopedia is a perk that you can activate in the Character Skill Tree. This ability allows you to identify the fish that’s biting your hook, which is pretty useful for catching the specific fish you want.

To activate this skill, allocate 5 of your Skill Points into the first row of your Gather Tree Skill until you unlock the second row. Investing 5 skill points once again into your Gather Tree Skill will unlock the third row, which will give you the Fish Encyclopedia skill.

Fishing Day

On Day 8 of Month 1, You will receive a letter that tells you about Portia Fishing Day, a festival where the Portia residents participate in a two-day fishing competition.

Fishing Day occurs every Day 12 and 13 of Month 1, and it begins at 8:00 and ends at 15:00. The Fishing Tourney is located in a random fishing spot. To get there, check your map and look for the Fish Hook icon to see where the event is held.

You’ll be able to participate as long as you have a Fishing Rod and some Bait. Every round costs 200 Gols, so you’ll need to set aside some cash for that day in order to compete. Fishing Day is an annual event that is a great opportunity for you to acquire a large sum of Gols, and with all the Exp you’ll gain from fishing — it’s safe to say that you’ll gain a couple of skill points in two days.

Making ample amounts of Gols early in the game will give you a leg up in upgrading your house and buying furniture. So go right ahead and indulge yourself by fishing whenever you’re idle or strapped for Gols.

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