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Even though FIFA 22 is still a few months away from its release, there were a lot of breakthroughs in the community, and a lot more information has been circulating the web. The main topic of conversation these last couple of days though, was the new goal celebrations. In order for you to hit the ground up and running when it releases, we’ll give you an all new goal celebrations guide for FIFA 22!

FIFA 22: All New Goal Celebrations Guide

All New Goal Celebrations Guide – FIFA 22

To be honest I was quite surprised to see that there weren’t quite a lot new goal celebrations. Of course, there are quite a few, and I’m guessing most players are very excited, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting more.

In any case, the new goal celebrations do appear to be very interesting, with some player-specific iconic ones being added as well. Let’s kick this new goal celebrations guide for FIFA 22:

  • Dele Alli ‘A’ Celebration. Whenever you score a goal with Dele Alli simply hold X or A depending on whether you’re playing on Xbox or PS.
  • Ashley Barns Binoculars. Same as the last one, hold A or X to perform the celebration, only with Ashley Barns.
  • Cry Baby. Just run to the cameras.
  • Selfie. Run to the adboards. It might not happen always, but every 5-6 times, it is very doable.
  • Disbelief. Hold RT + RS Stick Down or hold R2 + R Stick Down.
  • Knee Slide Spin. Hold LB + Flick RS Stick Clockwise or hold L1 + Flick R Stick Clockwise.
  • Dance & Spin. Hold RT + R Stick Right Right or hold R2 + R Stick Right Right.
  • Hop & Point. Hold RT + R Stick Down Down or hold R2 + R Stick Down Down.
  • Surf & Flex. Hold LT + R Stick Down Up or hold L2 + R Stick Down Up.
  • Relax. RT + Left R Stick or hold R2 + Left R Stick.
  • Camera Swipe. Run to the camera with Dries Mertens.
  • Bergwjin ‘Finger Twist’. Hold A or hold X with Steven Bergwein.
  • Royal Wave. Hold B or hold O. Random celebration, cannot be performed every time.
  • Peace. Hold RB + X X or hold R1 + Square Square.

Basically, there aren’t quite a lot of new goal celebrations when compared to FIFA 21. However, it is way to early to make a deduction, as there were most likely be more that will be added in the following months.

For new, these are all that were rumored to be apart of FIFA 22, so keep in mind, this list is a subject of change.

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