Where To Find Bombs on Elephant in Ready or Not


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Where can you find the bombs during the Elephant school shooting mission in Ready or Not?

Where To Find Bombs on Elephant in Ready or Not

Many shooter games will thrust you into gunfights in the name of fun. Still, Ready or Not from VOID Interactive puts an interesting twist on the genre by being more realistic regarding the idea of a tactical shooter.

Ready or Not places you in the shoes of an officer in a police SWAT team in the fictional city of Los Suenos in California. As the leader of the team, you will be placed into realistic police situations where you will be forced to be tactical to be able to accomplish the mission, and going in guns a-blazing is not always the ideal solution.

The game comes with several missions that will test your mettle as a trained SWAT agent, and some of them can get too grim since they are based on reality—one of them being the mission Elephant.

Elephant Mission

Elephant is the 11th mission of the game and is considered one of the most intense in Ready or Not. It’s essentially based on the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre, where two students decided to take arms and take their high school hostage.

In Elephant, the mission will require the player to take their team of SWAT enforcers and stop multiple armed students who have taken control of their high school and have started shooting the faculty and students.

Besides being armed, the students will also plant bombs around the school. The job of the player is to disarm the bombs, deal with the hostiles, and save the hostages.

Elephant Bomb Locations in Ready or Not

Though players expect the bombs to appear in the same places in the game, Ready or Not shakes things up by having the bombs appear randomly on Elephant anytime you start the mission. The good news is you only need to find two bombs, but the bad news is you will have to scour a total of 7 locations around the map to see where the bombs have been planted.

As per Games Horizon, the bombs can appear in these specific locations:

1. Lecture Hall

2. The Computer Room – This room is beside the Lecture Hall.

3. The Cafeteria – The bomb is on a table, so you must search every table thoroughly to find it. That is if there is even a bomb in the cafeteria.

4. Chemistry Room – The bomb in the Chemistry Room is found on a table.

5. A Classroom on the Top Floor – This room is in the school’s East Wing.

6. Classroom on the Second Floor – Go through all the green doors on the second floor, and you’ll find a bomb sitting on a table.

7. Stairway – There is a stairway on the far side of the map, and it’s possible that a bomb could have been placed there.

Elephant: Tips for a Successful Run

The highest priority of the game should be to find and disarm the bombs, but since they are placed in different locations every time, it’s best to just silently enter the school and take out the armed hostiles one by one without spooking the rest of them.

This is best pulled off by placing a perimeter around the school first. Secure all entry and exit points, and keep all the hostiles inside the building. Once you get in, make sure to check around corners for any hostiles as you continue to sift through rooms for the bombs.

You will eventually run into some hostages while roaming the school, so securing them right when you spot them is important. Remember, you don’t want the hostiles to get spooked because that could mean harm to the hostages or possibly them triggering the bombs early.

Once you defuse both bombs, you can then start taking out hostiles and leave searching for the hostages last.

For Elephant, it helps to get a good handle on the map, so make sure that you know the place well before you run, and you should be able to come out on top.

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