How To Find A Lush Cave in Minecraft



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Explore a new biome and discover the wonders that await you in this Minecraft guide on how to find a Lush Cave.

How To Find A Lush Cave in Minecraft

For new players, exploring the underground world can be a terrifying experience. There are so many things that could go potentially wrong while mining resources. Not to mention you could encounter tough, hostile mobs or fall into a pit of lava. However, with time and experience, players will eventually become stronger and more knowledgeable. And eventually, the caves and caverns will not pose as much of a threat as before. After all, there is only so much you can explore underground before the surface beckons your return.

The release of Minecraft’s latest update will change all of that. The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update has revamped the entire cave system underground and tremendously increased the world’s height. This paved the way for newer content, including a new biome called the Lush Caves Biome. The Lush Caves will become the haven for adventurers who will seek refuge within the cave’s depths. This mysterious and intriguing biome will also provide players with new resources to collect and new mobs to encounter. But before all of that, players must first learn how to locate this new biome to profit from its rare resources. Discover how to easily find the Lush Cave Biome in Minecraft with this guide and explore a whole new world under the surface.

What Are Lush Caves in Minecraft?

With Minecraft’s latest update, The Caves & Cliffs update comes with a whole new biome called the Lush Cave Biome. It is a temperate underground biome that creates variety and life to the world underneath the surface in Minecraft. Lush caves are filled with unique floras and faunas that are otherwise exclusive only to this biome. These include azalea, drip leaves, glow berries, spore blossoms, and axolotls. The Lush Cave’s ambiance provides a temporary solace for players who happen to stumble upon it while exploring the dark caves and caverns beneath.

How To Find A Lush Cave in Minecraft?

There is only one easy way to find a lush cave in Minecraft, and it is simply to walk around on the surface of the overworld. As most players already know, the surface is filled with trees, grass, rivers, lakes, and mountains. One thing you should look out for as you venture and explore is a growing azalea tree. An azalea tree features bright green leaves dotted with pink flowers. Azalea trees in the overworld indicate the presence of lush caves underneath it as its roots extend all the way underground into the cave.

What is Inside A Lush Cave?

Not only is the Lush Cave a mysterious and fun biome to explore, but it also holds new things to discover. You will find glow berries clinging to cave vines that grow from the ceiling. Glow berries are a good food source for players who seek food while venturing underground. Glow berries are comparable to sweet berries as they both restore the same amount of saturation points and hunger levels. You will also find spore blossoms dangling from the ceiling and giving off spores that create a mysterious yet inviting atmosphere to the world below. But the one thing you should look out for is the rare axolotl that only spawns inside Lush Caves. Axolotls are passive amphibian mobs that attack most underwater mobs. They crawl on land, swim underwater, and make great companions as they protect players and give regeneration buffs during fights. Axolotls are pretty rare, so be sure to catch one if you encounter them inside a Lush Cave.

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