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Epic Games launches is no stranger to issues. Ranging anywhere from launch errors, to frustrating server issues, it has slowly become the most tedious games platform for issues in the community. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, most players in the community are quite outraged because of these aspects of the Epic Games launcher. Today, we will tackle how to fix blank screen or the launcher won’t launch in Epic Games.

Fix: Blank Screen or Won’t Launch | Epic Games Guide

How to Fix Blank Screen or Won’t Launch – Epic Games Guide

Whether this happens due to an issue with the client itself, or an issue with individuals’ systems is the question. However, some have found that there seems to be a strong correlation to how the Epic Games client caches content.

Due to this caching, it causes the launcher to freeze, give players a blank screen, or not launch at all. Whether that is the exact reason for the issue is not yet proven though.

There are three fixes that players can try to fix the blank screen or won’t launch issue in Epic Games. Let’s start with the most effective one:

  1. Hit Windows Key + R.
  2. Then, type in ‘%localappdata%’ and hit Enter.
  3. Open EpicGamesLauncher folder > Saved.
  4. Find a ‘webcache’ folder, and delete it.
  5. If you have multiple folders named like that, delete all of them.

These aren’t folders which will cause your client to have issues. Instead, they’re folders for cached content from the client.

If that didn’t work, right-click your Desktop, and go to Display Settings. Scroll down, and click on Graphics Settings. Then, click the Browse button. Find your Epic Games launcher and double click it.

Left-click it once it is in the list below the Browse button, and go to options. From the power modes, make sure to select High-Performance, or a mode which utilizes your dedicated graphics card.

Other than that, there is not much to do except to try and reinstall the Epic Games client completely. Or, make sure that it is the latest version, and you’re connected to the internet.

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