Fix Total War ROME REMASTERED: Game Won’t Start


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Total War ROME just got a huge rework, and many strategy lovers out there are dying to get back in the action. Some want to relive some nostalgia, and some are completely new to the game. One thing is for certain, the game is far better than its predecessor. However, to say the launch was bumpy was an understatement. Reports are piling up about the game not starting, errors, and certain bugs. Let’s see how you can fix Total War ROME REMASTERED if it doesn’t launch.

Fix Total War ROME REMASTERED: Game Won’t Start

Game Won’t Start – Total War ROME REMASTERED Fix

Before we get into the particulars, please do make sure that you have the minimum necessary requirements to run the game. While you’re at it, also update your graphics card drivers, and check for Windows updates as well.

If that didn’t fix the issue, try the fixes below, one by one.

Run as Administrator

Find Total War ROME REMASTERED’s shortcut, and then right-click it, and go to Properties. Kindly, navigate to Compatibility, and make sure “Run this program as an administrator” and “Disable Fullscreen optimizations” are selected. Hit Apply and OK.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

Open up Steam, and then go to your Library. Find Total War ROME REMASTERED in the list, and then right-click it. Go to Properties, then Local Files, and you should see “Verify the integrity of game files” button, click it.

This will take a while, but it will fix any corrupted files, or install missing files for your game.

NOTE: Try to launch the game in-between fixes, to see whether the game launches, and the error isn’t present anymore.

Controlled Folder Access

Sometimes, the “Safety feature” from Windows, called Controlled Folder Access might be blocking the game from launching or writing/reading certain files.

For that, you must add an exception for Total War ROME REMASTERED, which might fix the game not starting:

  1. Open the Start Menu, and type in: ‘Controlled Folder Access’, then hit Enter.
  2. Hit ‘Allow an app through controlled folder access’.
  3. Click ‘Add an allowed app’, then ‘Browse’.
  4. Find Total War ROME REMASTERED, and select it.
  5. Launch the game.

Windows Defender Exclusion

There is a small chance that your antivirus software might be causing the issue. This rarely happens, but when it interferes with a game, it might cause it not to launch.

Simply open the Start menu and type in: ‘Virus & Threat Protection’, and then press Enter. Scroll down, and find Exclusions. Hit ‘Add or Remove Exclusions’. Then, add an exclusion, and select a folder. After the window opens up, find the Total War ROME REMASTERED folder, and select it.

Make sure to follow Caffeinated Gamer for more fixes for the strategy title, Total War ROME REMASTERED.

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