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The community-made mod is very popular among Portal Reloaded players. The stages are quite challenging, especially when you reach Chamber 20 and above. If you completed Chamber 19, this one is quite similar, where your job should be to free up a way for the light bridges.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 20 Walkthrough Guide

Figuring out a way to complete this Chamber might take you a while, but once you know how to complete it, it will only take you two minutes.

Chamber 20 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

As we mentioned before, stages get more challenging and steps should be done in one particular way. That’s why make sure to follow all the steps carefully since there is a lot of back and forward to cross the light bridges.

Hit The Switch

The first step is to hit the switch on the right side of the test chamber. This will drop the most useful in-game item, the cube on the launch pad. Firstly, you need to set up few portals in the present and then set up few portals in the future.

You should place a portal at the end of the light bridge and another on the ceiling on the right. This will let the light bridge pass through and it can be used to block the companion cube from going into the water.

Now it is time to set a time portal and travel into the future.

Catch the Cube

The next step is to shoot a portal left from the switch on the right wall, and another one at the end of your newly placed light bridge from the previous step. Using the time portal you should access the switch in the present.

Click the switch and the cube will come flying. Don’t worry the cube will hit the vertical light bridge that is coming from the ceiling, and you’ll be able to catch it.

Raise The Platform

After getting the cube, your first instinct will be to place it on the switch, but that would be a mistake. Instead, place it anywhere on the white floor where you can place a portal. Now you should travel through the time portal and return to the future just so you can pick up the future cube and bring it to the present again.

Take the cube on the light bridge at the source and shoot a portal on the wall high up above the switch.

This will allow you to place the cube on the light bridge just to block the laser. After blocking the laser, the first platform will lower. Go to the platform and stand on it. Your next step should be to shoot your portal just to remove the light bridge and the companion cube will drop onto the switch.

This will raise your platform and lower the next one, which is a step from the exit. Next shoot a time portal at the floor under the present companion cube which will remove the future companion cube, and lift you up to the exit.

For more information, make sure you watch the video if you run into a dead end.

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