For Honor crossplay: What’s the good word?


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Crossplay is really catching on in the world of video games, and it has become quite important that companies include a cross-platform experience to keep gamers partied up and keep player counts high. Naturally, this might lead you to wonder if your own favorite game — For Honor, for example — supports it. So let’s dig into that question. Is there For Honor crossplay at the moment? If not, will the game ever have it in the future?

For Honor crossplay: What's the good word?

Here’s what we were able to dig up.

Plenty of gamers want the feature

Judging by various Reddit threads, there are definitely some For Honor players who would love to see crossplay make its way into the game. That wish often comes with a bit of a caveat, though; many who play on console would not like to see PC gamers suddenly mixed into their lobbies. They feel the PC players would have an advantage, and would thus throw off the balance of the multiplayer experience.

For Honor doesn’t have crossplay right now

You know a question gets asked a lot when a company has a support page dedicated to it, and Ubisoft indeed has one of those for crossplay. On that page, the company states, “At this time, there is no cross-platform support for For Honor.” If you’re a pessimist, you might read that and come to the conclusion that it’s never coming.

If you’re an optimist, though, you could definitely see some reason to have hope. The phrase “At this time” does still leave the door open for crossplay to make an appearance at some point in the future. And you’ll note that Ubisoft doesn’t say “it’s never coming” — just that it’s not here right now.

So if you’re someone who’d really like to have For Honor crossplay so you can connect with your pals in other places, keep those fingers crossed, and keep pinging Ubisoft to let the company know you want it. If you’re loud enough — and if Ubisoft decides the game needs the feature — you might just get what you want.


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