Forspoken: Watch Deep Dive Into the Game’s Magical Combat


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We already had a look at the magic traversal that Forspoken has to offer, but no game’s complete without some solid combat. Just in, we have a deep diver into Frey’s magic abilities which she can use for attack, defense, and movement.

Forspoken: Watch Deep Dive Into the Game's Magical Combat

Watch this:

Here’s the official description:

With a wide arsenal of powerful magic at her disposal, Frey can take on the countless twisted foes that lurk in the Break. Mastering multiple magic types enables customizable combat options and numerous ways to fight the enemies threatening the realm of Athia. Get a deeper look at some of Frey’s magical combat abilities in this overview of the Magic Combat system in Forspoken.

It looks like all the magic has been categorized into colors, with purple marking your most basic ability which will allow you to attack and defend with rocks. Playing the game further gives you access to blue (water), green (electricity), and red (fire) magic—red being the one that causes the most damage to enemies.

The cuff that Frey wears also kind of serves as a magic-based Focus, which allows Frey to scan the environment for available enemies, and well as access some previous knowledge about whoever she goes up against.

Frey is pushed to her limit in the strange and cruel land of Athia. She must use her magic-enhanced combat and parkour abilities to survive against the fearsome, twisted creatures that lurk in the Break.

The game looks pretty extensive, and this should be a fun open-world for fans of Square Enix games. Catch Forspoken when it launches for PC and the PS5 on Jan. 24, 2023.

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