God of War Ragnarok Gets Weird ‘Family Friendly’ Japanese Ad



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When you hear God of War, the visuals that usually come to mind are Kratos  battling huge monsters and committing excessively violent acts, but with the new games focusing on Kratos’ relationship to his new family, PlayStation Japan has decided to have fun with this new ad that goes a ‘family friendly’ direction when it comes to selling the game.

God of War Ragnarok Gets Weird ‘Family Friendly’ Japanese Ad

It’s… definitely something:

If you want to watch it with subtitles, IGN has released their translated version which just further highlights how silly the entire ad is:

With previous trailers being very serious when it comes to selling Ragnarok to audiences, it’s actually kind of fun that Japan would have a sense of humor, advertising this epic drama as a family-friendly sing-along. I have no doubt the internet will come up with some kind of CG character model doing the exact same dance, but with Kratos and Atreus.

So far, reviews for Ragnarok have been stellar, and a lot of fans can’t wait for the launch next week. Hopefully their consoles can take the hit though.

Join Kratos and Atreus on a mythic journey for answers before Ragnarök arrives. Together, father and son must put everything on the line as they journey to each of the Nine Realms.

Throughout stunning mythological landscapes, they’ll face fearsome enemies – from Norse gods to wild beasts – as they prepare for the showdown of their lives.

Armed with his trusty weapons of war – including the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos – Kratos’ deadly skills will be tested like never before as he fights to protect his family. A host of new abilities for him and Atreus also await, leaving room for fluid, expressive and customizable combat in this epic and unflinching tale.

God of War Ragnarok launches for PlayStation 4|5 on Nov. 9.

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