How to Get the Alien Off your Head in Fortnite


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If you’ve ever wondered how the pesky aliens in Fortnite got onto your head, and you don’t want them there, you’re in luck. The Alien Parasites indeed give you a few advantages, but there are also cons to letting them stay on you. Thankfully, there are a few ways to address the situation.

How to Get the Alien Off your Head in Fortnite

There are at least three ways to get them off your head. Some involve self-damage, while others don’t cause any harm. Keep on reading to find out more.

Using Water

The best way to get rid of these annoying Alien Parasites is to jump into some water. They’ll release you immediately, though you’ll also have to get away from them or kill them to avoid reattachment.

Since there are plenty of rivers on the map right now, this method is undisputedly the best.

2 6 screenshot

Get Into a Prop

If you don’t have any water nearby, look for a Port-a-Potty or Dumpster instead. Typically, players already use them to hide from enemies. In the case of an attached Alien Parasite, they’re a godsend as well.

1 28 screenshot
1 47 screenshot

Entering into one of these objects will result in the Alien Parasite falling off as well.

Use Fire

The Alien Parasites are scared of fire, and if there’s a lit campfire nearby, all you have to do is walk into it. The heat will force the parasite off, and you can use this chance to kill it.

1 16 screenshot

Use an Inflate-a-Bull

This unique item lets you bounce around the map as long as the gauge isn’t empty. Upon deploying the Inflate-a-Bull, the Alien Parasite is forced off. Use this opportunity to run away.

As the Inflate-a-Bull covers your whole body, it makes forcing these creatures away possible.

2 18 screenshot

Get Abducted

If you’re keen on participating in the Experiment, you can always let an Abductor take you away. The Alien Parasite doesn’t get to tag along. However, you don’t get to run free until the Experiment ends.

4 56 screenshot

Alien Parasite Benefits

Even though these critters reduce your total health when they’re on you, they offer the following benefits:

  • Increased head protection, making headshots non-fatal unless repeated
  • Faster running speed and increased jump height
1 5

In short, you can afford to play more aggressively with the Alien Parasite on your head. However, you have less health, and fall damage still kills you. Weigh the pros and cons, and you may find that having an Alien Parasite isn’t as bad as you first thought. Of course, the final decision is entirely up to you.

No Thanks, I’m Better Off Alone

The Alien Parasite’s benefits aren’t substantial, but some people enjoy the speed and jump boosts. Even so, players can always opt to get it away from them. Just remember to recover lost health after they’re gone.

Were you surprised when you first saw these creatures? What do you think about the buffs they give? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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