How to Get Wood in RLCraft


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Getting some wood tiles and planks in the base Minecraft game is easy. All you have to do is just hit wood until it drops. However, the RLCraft overhaul mod makes this early-game strategy convoluted, and it can catch some newer players off guard. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know about getting some wood and wood planks in RLCraft.

How to Get Wood in RLCraft

How to Get Wood

Somewhat surprisingly, you can’t get wood in the game without starting with other tiles and resources. There are no simple wood tools to use for the early game. You’ll instead need to use flint tools to begin your stone-age progress. Here’s an overview of what you need to do to get wood:

  1. Find some gravel tiles nearby and use your bare hands to “mine” them. Gravel tiles will always drop gravel and can occasionally drop Flint, which is what you’re after.
    1 6
  2. If the first gravel tile you dig out doesn’t drop Flint, place it again and repeat the process until you have Flint. You can speed this up with two or more gravel tiles, but all you’re after at this point is Flint.
    2 3
  3. Put Flint as your active item, then use it on any hard surface – stone, bricks, or anything harder. You’ll need to strike the top surface of the tile to crack your Flint into Flint Shards.
    3 3
  4. Whack at leaves and branches on nearby trees until they drop a few Sticks. You’ll need two of them.
    4 3
  5. Put a Flint Shard on top of a Stick in your crafting menu to create a Flint Knife.
    5 3
  6. Use a Flint Knife to cut some grass until you receive three pieces of Plant Matter.
    6 3
  7. Combine the three Plant Matter into a Plant String using the crafting menu (placement on the grid shouldn’t matter).
    7 2
  8. Use a Plant String, a Flint Shard, and a Stick to create a Flint Hatchet (or Axe). You’ll need to place Plant String on top of the Stick and to the left of the Flint Shard.
    8 1
  9. Use the Flint Hatchet to cut down a tree. In RLCraft, cutting down the bottom block of the tree (the one sticking out of the ground) fells the tree. Be careful not to sneak while doing so since the tree will fall on top of you if you’re sneaking while cutting.
    9 1
  10. Pick up the Wood tiles (technically Logs) and Sticks you get from the tree.

How to Get Wood Planks

Unlike in regular Minecraft, you can’t simply craft planks from a full wood tile.

You’ll need to have a Hatchet (you should’ve obtained a Flint Hatchet by following the section above) and a Wood Log from felling the tree (also above).

After that, place the Wood Log on the ground, then right-click on it with a Hatchet. You’ll need to strike the top surface to receive the planks.

11 1

You can do the same with Wood Planks to process them into Sticks. A single Wood Log can provide two Wood Planks or four Sticks in total.

12 1

Alternatively, use a Saw to get four Wood Planks from a single Wood Log if you want to be more efficient. A Saw requires three Sticks and two Metals.

13 1

Wood You Look at That

Getting some Wood Planks in RLCraft can be an exercise on its own due to vastly expanded crafting and material processing systems introduced in the mod. However, it’s a much better and well-rounded gameplay experience that will take hours even if you’ve played the base game before.

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