Fortnite: How to Get the Rail Gun


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Learn how to get the Rail Gun in Fortnite!

Fortnite: How to Get the Rail Gun

Like always, Fortnite’s new season has brought numerous challenges, skins, and gear. One of the most exciting items introduced for the season, the Railgun is among the most popular.

Although Railguns were available in the previous season, the weapon is still fresh. It lets you deal with enemies even behind walls, causing severe damage with a single shot.

You’re likely wondering how to acquire this death machine, and you aren’t alone. For this reason, we’ve created a detailed guide on getting the Railgun in Fortnite Season 8. Additionally, we’ll explain how to use it and share information on other new noteworthy weapons available in the game.

Fortnite How to Get Rail Gun

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There are two ways to acquire the Railgun in Fortnite Season 8. The first one is to loot Imagined Order Chests. The second way is to kill some Imagined Order Guards and take the Railgun off their bodies. As you may have guessed, you’ll need to get to an IO Outpost in both cases. They are scattered across the map. Here are the exact locations of IO Outposts in Fortnite Season 8 where you can find some guards and chests:

  • One of the IO Outposts is located between Dirty Docks and Steamy Stacks. It’s overlooking the coast. Sometimes, guards spawn there, but they don’t always stand there.
  • A small IO Outpost is located to the east of Pleasant Park.
  • Another Outpost is located south of Misty Meadows, near the Destined Fish landmark.
  • Guards have a high chance of spawning at an outpost south of Holly Hedges.
  • You may occasionally find guards and chests at the Outpost between Boney Burbs and Corney Crops. Look for the purple marker on the map.

If you clear out the outposts from all guards and loot all chests, you should find at least one Railgun.

How to Use the Rail Gun in Fortnite

Acquiring a Railgun is not enough for victory; you should know how to use it properly.

When using a Railgun, the core strategy is to give yourself enough time to charge it and aim accurately because recharge takes three seconds. This may not seem like a lot, but three seconds is long enough to get killed.

The Railgun deals 85 to 93 damage when you shoot the body and 170 to 188 when you shoot the head. So, always aim to the head for the highest damage output.

Another tip is to avoid your aim while the Railgun is charging. That’s because it emits bright red light when charging, and the enemy may spot you. You’ll know when the Railgun is fully charged because of the charging bar above it. Otherwise, using it is no different from other weapons.

Additional FAQs

What’s New for Fortnite Season 8?

The new season is very different from previous releases in many ways. We won’t get deep into the map and item updates. Instead, let’s take a look at the primary new additions:

• The Sideways has taken over the map. Anomalies from a dark realm have made it to the Island. Large domes appear on the map during the match, and monsters can attack players nearby. So, keep away from the domes unless you feel like your opponents aren’t challenging enough and wish to try your skills in monster fights.

• Some weapons can now be crafted from Cube Monster Parts. The alien invasion has some pros, too. You can acquire the necessary material by defeating monsters arriving from the Sideways and making a Sideways Minigun, Sideways Scythe, or Sideways Rifle from their resources. The new weapons have some pretty impressive stats, so they’re worth fighting a few monsters.

• Alien Mothership crash sites are scattered across the map. These sites are a great resource for looting Shadow Stones.

• IO Guards have moved from bases to outposts. So, finding multiple guards in a single location isn’t as simple as in the previous season.

• Punchcards have returned. This type of challenge is yet another way to earn XP.

• Crows have been introduced, in addition to wildlife that is already familiar to us. We don’t yet know whether they were added solely as a reference to the latest season of Rick & Morty or have some special powers.

What Are Other New Weapons Available in Fortnite Season 8?

The Railgun isn’t the only new weapon available for the season. Here’s a list of all the updates:

• Venom Symbiote

• Sideways Rifle

• Sideways Minigun

• Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle

• Carnage Symbiote

• Sideways Scythe

• Shadow Flopper

• Sideways Minigun

• Sideways Shotgun

• Boss Minigun

Some weapons have also returned from older seasons, such as the Harpoon Gun, Burst Assault Rifle, Charge Shotgun, and Lever Action Rifle. However, apart from the Railgun, the new season’s most exciting and powerful weapons are the Rocket Launcher, Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle, and Sideways Minigun.

The Rocket Launcher isn’t a new weapon, yet it remains one of the most desired in the game. It can deal severe damage to multiple enemies simultaneously with a single shot, the only con being a long reload. The Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle, in turn, lets you eliminate opponents from a distance by setting them on fire. Despite being a “mini” gun, the Sideways Minigun can shred through opponent builds, dealing 21 damage per bullet with a fire rate of seven. It also gets bonus damage when hot.

Take Your Shot

Hopefully, you’ll get lucky and soon find a Railgun in one of the few IO Outposts. Spotting IO Guards isn’t as simple anymore as they aren’t gathered in the same prominent location, but this makes the game even more interesting. Let’s see what other new weapons will be introduced throughout the season.

What’s your favorite new weapon in Fortnite Season 8 so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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