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While the trailers and new seasons videos for Fortnite can be fun to watch and incredibly detailed, the game in general doesn’t have a story or a plot.

Fortnite: How Old is Lynx

Now, a lot of Fortnite players might get frustrated because I’ve said that, but I feel like there are far more detailed games with rich plots. With that said, the characters don’t really have a lot of info or lore about them.

For example, the Lynx character in Fortnite is an outsider and not much is known about her. We’ve looked around to pinpoint her exact age.

How Old is Lynx – Fortnite

Like I said, there isn’t much information about these characters especially their age, except some of the stories we might see in the videos or trailers for new seasons.

The Fortnite world is a pretty bizarre scene, with sometimes very flamboyant world and characters. Nonetheless, let’s get to Lynx’s age.

The truth is, Lynx’s age is unknown, and from what we know about her age, most of it is unconfirmed. However, we speculate that she is around 18-28 years old.

This is an only a guess and shouldn’t be considered as factual.

How Did We Determine Her Age?

I guess you can say that our methods shouldn’t really be considered scientific. What we did was judge her age by her appearance.

After that we started researching the topic, only to find out that most of the community feels as though she is around 18-28 years old.

There were some blatant lies about her “exact and confirmed” age, but even though they were both unconfirmed and certainly not exact, they were all around that age.

Until Fortnite releases some confirmed information, or gives us more of an insight into the characters of this world, we frankly won’t be able to determine the character’s exact age.

If some of you has some information that we’re missing, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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