Fortnite: Marksman Six Shooter Pistol & Orelia NPC


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With the newest update in Fortnite, there is no shortage of new stuff. That much content each update has become a recurring theme in Fortnite. As for Chapter 2 of Season 6, if we said it was enjoyable, it is an understatement. There has been a new NPC added to the game, called Orelia, and on top of that, a new weapon- the Marksman Six Shooter exotic pistol. Today, we will show you where to find both of them.

Fortnite: Marksman Six Shooter Pistol & Orelia NPC

Marksman Six Shooter Pistol & Orelia NPC – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

We were surprised as to how difficult to take down Orelia is. Not only that, but when you enter Orelia’s lair, you are greeted by a screeching sound which is very chilling to say the least.

As for the Marksman Six Shooter pistol, it is exotic, so you can guess how powerful this pistol is. Let’s start by saying where you can find both, starting with Orelia.

Orelia Location

Orelia can be found on a small island on the south-west part of the map. Look for the smallest island on the map, on the most south point of the map. Look at this reference picture for the exact location of Orelia in Fortnite:

Once you land there, immediatelly go to the first floor of the structure there. Inside, you will be greeted by that streeching sound, and Orelia will be somewhere in the middle.

Marksman Six Shooter Exotic Pistol Location

The Marksman Six Shooter exotic pistol can be bought of a NPC in the game. More specifically, the NPC- Deadfire. For those unaware of the NPC’s location, it is located north-west of Lazy Lake, in a small shack. Here is the exact location of Deadfire, and therefore, the Marksman Six Shooter exotic pistol:

To get the pistol, simply interact with Deadfire. The exotic pistol will set you back a whopping 400 gold, but considering how rare and how efficient this revolver is, it is worth it.

We can see how this pistol might become meta in the upcoming days in Fortnite. Nonetheless, we will see, considering it has such a big price tag.

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