Fortnite: Legendary Scar Golden Weapon From Island Ruins


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Fortnite Chapter 2 of Season 6 is filled with new challenges and new content for players to grind out. Apparently, there is a new NPC called Orelia, which among players is deemed the most powerful NPC in the game. On top of that, players can now unlock the Lara Croft golden outfit by getting the legendary SCAR golden weapon at the Island Ruins. Today, we will showcase its exact location!

Fortnite: Legendary Scar Golden Weapon From Island Ruins

Legendary SCAR Golden Weapon from Island Ruins – Fortnite

There was a bit of confusion when it came to this challenge. Players weren’t sure whether they need to take down Orelia, or acquire the golden weapon from somewhere in the game. We can tell you, it’s the latter.

The confusion was caused because the golden weapon is actually at Orelia’s lair. When you pick up the weapon, you immediately are targeted by Orelia, which makes this challenge a bit tough.

To get the legendary SCAR golden weapon from the Island Ruins in Fortnite, go to this exact location:

fortnite chapter 2 season 6 legendary scar golden weapon from island ruins

This mini-island is on the most south-west point of the map. It cannot be missed, since there are no other islands here.

When you land there, you will find the legendary SCAR golden weapon on the first floor, close to the new NPC- Orelia. Be ready for a fight though. Get as many weapons as you need, some materials for building, and some shields.

Orelia has a lot of health, that’s the general gist of what players got after going against her. In any case though, for an outfit, this challenge might be easy compared to Fortnite’s standards.

The golden weapon isn’t anything special like most thought, it is simply a golden SCAR. But for some reason, Orelia does get mad when you take it from the lair.

When players first enter the abandoned structure, they’re met by a chilling screetch from what seems to be Orelia. This NPC seems to be an undead queen of sorts. However, there is not much lore about this character yet.

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