Fortnite vs Valorant : Will Valorant Kill Fortnite?


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Fortnite and VALORANT. Two very different games that nevertheless have a lot in common. Both have a cartoony art style, both have superpowered playable characters and both are huge on Twitch.

Fortnite vs Valorant : Will Valorant Kill Fortnite?

So, which one should you play? Which one deserves your time more? Let’s compare the two titles and examine why one may be a better fit for you than the other.




A big, lively community of players
Celebrity cameos
Mainstream status in pop culture
Massive scale of gameplay
Chaotic gameplay
Gameplay depending on chance
Younger audience
Having to install the Epic Games Store




New and refreshing take of tactical shooters
First-person gameplay
Addicting gameplay loop
Clean arts style
May get super competitive game
Potentially toxic community

Fortnite vs Valorant : Who’s the winner?

Fortnite and VALORANT have a lot in common. Both take a formula that already worked and tried to improve on it. In Fortnite’s case, that was the Battle Royale mode of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. While the base Fortnite game existed long before, the BR mode launched the game into the stratosphere. The main difference between Fortnite and PUBG is the more cartoony, kid-friendly art style.

Similarly, VALORANT takes great inspiration from Counter-Strike. More specifically, the most recent iteration of the series – Global Offensive. VALORANT’s map design could easily be mistaken for a mod of CS:GO. Here, there’s an even bigger similarity to Fortnite and PUGBG, as VALORANT and CS:GO have an almost identical relationship. VALORANT is a more cartoony version of Counter-Strike. It has superpowers, sci-fi tech, and so on.


Fortnite is a significantly more accessible game. By being on multiple platforms, including mobile ones, it’s just a simple statement of fact that more people would have the opportunity to play it than the PC-exclusive VALORANT. This may seem like a big point against VALORANT, but that’s not always the case.

The world of gaming is strange and things aren’t always simple. It’s oftentimes possible to make a much better game by focusing on one community rather than trying to branch out and try to please everyone. The creators of VALORANT, Riot Games, have a perfect example of that. League of Legends isn’t on any consoles, and yet it’s one of the most popular online games ever. VALORANT has the real potential of following in those footsteps.

But which gameplay style is better? Will you have more fun with VALORANT or Fortnite? It’s like comparing a sniper rifle to a light machine gun. One is about precision, intel-gathering, and tactics, while the other is about wreaking havoc across a large field. Both are fun, depending on who’s holding them. Both can be perfectly functional and great, but wrong for the person using them. Since both games are free, there’s no harm in trying both and testing what works for you.

Art style

Phoenix Gameplay – Valorant

Fortnite and VALORANT both share a rather cartoony art style. Characters are often depicted as having exaggerated features, being dressed in primary colors, and wanting to stand out from the crowd. The famous Fortnite dances extend the party vibe even further. The Battle Royale game even saw the addition of live events. Live concerts by world-famous artists, such as Marshmello, are paving the wave to a more digital future.

But where does VALORANT stand in all this innovation? The game’s more limited scope of a tactical shooter is less ready to accommodate that kind of artistic input. So far, no characters have resonated on the level, say, Overwatch has, or even Rainbow 6: Siege. The game’s art style is mostly forgettable, at least so far.

But there is hope. VALORANT hasn’t even launched yet and there’s plenty of room for improvement. If League of Legends proves anything, it’s that Riot Games can, and probably will, develop VALORANT into a more stylish and distinct game. The building blocks are there, all they need is context and community engagement to make them come to life. Style isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about cultural perception, and VALORANT has a lot of time to change these perceptions or adapt to them, making its world more resonant with players.


Just like with all journeys, the true treasure of gaming was the friends we made along the way. Both communities can offer a lot of chances for finding online buddies and tackling the game’s challenges together. But the tactical nature of VALORANT makes it more reliant on communication and teamwork. Plus, the game’s tone and gameplay, while cartoony, isn’t as child-friendly as Fortnite. Let’s face it, Epic’s hit game is full of children.

That can be great if you’re a child yourself. And, to be honest, VALORANT isn’t the most mature game either, but the more tactical nature of the gameplay is bound to attract people looking for a stronger challenge. It’s a more focused experience and that may appeal to a slightly more mature audience.

Make no mistake, both games are targeted at teens, but perhaps it’s different kinds of teens? And a good product is going to appeal to people of all ages, no matter what. All that remains to be seen is whether or not VALORANT will live up to the hype and create a community that’s on par with Fortnite or its other competitors, namely CS:GO, Rainbow 6: Siege and Overwatch. So far, the community has given the game a large Twitch presence. It remains to be seen if VALORANT will be a one-hit-wonder or a hit that spans multiple seasons.

So, can VALORANT destroy Fortnite?

As fun as it is to compare the two games, their impact on the world and the future of both franchises, it’s a simple statement of fact that one is more culturally, socially, and financially relevant than the other. And the name of that game is Fortnite. Like it or not, the game is probably the biggest thing in the gaming world, ever.

But that’s not to knock on VALORANT, of course. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t live in a winter-takes-all world and there’s enough room for VALORANT to make its way as a fun, engaging, and relevant game and e-sport for the years to come. We’re enjoying the beta so far, and thousands of others are joining it ever single day.

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