How to Get the Magic Cube in Free Fire


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Free Fire is one of the many titles belonging to the battle royale genre. Fifty players will fight to the death, and the winner will earn bragging rights and rewards. One of the game’s currencies is the Magic Cube, and they’re not easy to get.

How to Get the Magic Cube in Free Fire

Free Magic Cubes aren’t easy to get, making spending real-world money the best option. However, getting your hands on this currency without paying is still possible. Players looking for ways to earn Magic Cubes are in luck, as we’ll list all the methods here.

How to Get Magic Cubes

There are several ways to get Magic Cubes, though you can’t get whole ones. Instead, you get some Magic Cube Fragments to merge into Magic Cubes. It takes 100 Fragments to make one Magic Cube.

Here are the ways to earn Magic Cube Fragments:

Participate in Events

Earlier in 2021, Free Fire celebrated its fourth anniversary with an event. Players had to play the game for some time to earn Magic Cube Fragments. During this event, the requirements were as follows:

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  • Play Free Fire for 10 minutes to get five Cube Fragments
  • 30 minutes for five more
  • 50 minutes for 10 Cube Fragments
  • 70 minutes for another 10
  • 100 minutes for 20 Fragments

The event yielded 50 Cube Fragments, half of what you need for a full Magic Cube. Most events that reward players with free fragments will have 50, meaning you’ll need to play in two events to get one Magic Cube.

During the OB21 update, players could log into the game for five days straight to earn 10 Fragments daily. As the event lasted only five days, you couldn’t afford to miss one if you wanted to get all 50 Fragments.

The Free Fire Drawing Cube event was another one that rewarded participation with great rewards. Aside from skins and permanent weapons, you could also get more than one Magic Cube. You had to spin and rely on your luck, though.

Diamond Royale

Diamond Royale is a lottery minigame in Free Fire, where you use either Diamonds or Diamond Royale tickets to win prizes. You can potentially win a Magic Cube, too.

Diamonds cost money, and you don’t have that many. However, there’s a free, albeit limited, option. You can use some Free Fire Tokens to purchase up to 20 tickets. The chances are the same, but once you get these 20 tickets, you’ll have to buy more Diamonds and roll again.

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Elite Pass

Players who don’t mind spending money can buy the Elite Pass. By playing the game frequently, they can earn rewards free-to-play users can’t get. These rewards include some Magic Cube Fragments as well.

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Fusing Fragments

Once you have 100 Fragments, you can follow these steps to fuse a Magic Cube:

  1. Launch Free Fire.
    Screenshot 49
  2. Go to the game’s store.
    Screenshot 50
  3. Select “Redeem.”
    Screenshot 52
  4. Head to “Cube Fragment” and then choose “Exchange.”
    Screenshot 53
  5. Combine the fragments to get a Magic Cube.

If you have more Cube Fragments, you can fuse them for more Magic Cubes.

Not Really Magic

No matter if it’s sorcery or technology, Magic Cubes lets players buy skin bundles and more. It might take longer to get enough for bundles, but thankfully, events help with earning Fragments. These are cosmetic items, but if you like the look of one, nothing is stopping you from banking currency to buy it.

How many Magic Cubes do you have now? Which bundle is your favorite? Please tell us in the comments section.

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