How to get Always On Time in Destiny 2


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Are you tired of riding slow? Do you want speed, speed and even more speed? Sir or Madam, I have the Sparrow for you. Guardians all over the Solar System are wondering how to get Always On Time in Destiny 2. Why? Because it’s the fastest. The most durable. The most charged-up Sparrow ever made. Nothing else in your Collections comes close. Ask Tess. Ask Xur. Ask your mother. Heroes have searched the galaxy far and wide and, still, this Sparrow reigns supreme above all the rest.

How to get Always On Time in Destiny 2

And today — right this very day — it can be yours. Come along with me. I will show you where they keep them. But first, so you can fully appreciate the moment, a little backstory.

Always On Time used to be a Raid drop

How to get Always On Time in Destiny 2 - scourge

Remember Scourge of the Past? That Raid, based in the outskirts of the Last City, broke many a Guardian’s heart for the Anarchys and Masterworked Threat Levels that would not drop. Another Rare item, though, wasn’t a weapon at all. It was the Always On Time Sparrow that some simply could not find the luck to obtain.

If Scourge of the Past were still around, this article would end right here. We’d say, the process for how to get Always On Time in Destiny 2 is do the Raid. Unfortunately, as you might’ve gathered, Scourge is long gone — a victim of the Destiny Content Vault. So the path you have to take to the Sparrow in early 2022 looks a whole lot different.

You can purchase Always On Time in the Tower

Monument to Lost Lights

Think of the Monument to Lost Lights like a bargain bin for items you could previously obtain in phased-out pieces of content. Getting these items is now more trivial than it was prior, but it’s not free. It will cost you a little bit of something.

In Always On Time’s case, you’ll need several currencies and resources on tap, including one you can only earn by doing Raids. Here’s what you should be carrying:

Alternatively, if you have Forsaken Ciphers on tap, you can make the purchase using those, too. In that case, you’ll need:

Once you’ve got all that lined up, open the Monument to Lost Lights (located between the Vault kiosks) and head into the section labeled “Forsaken Exotics.” From there, you can find Always On Time in the very last slot. Once you’ve made the purchase, it’s yours.

And that’s how to get Always On Time in Destiny 2

We know for sure that Always On Time can take more damage and allows for more “boosts” than most other Sparrows available. Numerous straight-line races have confirmed that this Sparrow is a good bit faster than any other Sparrow in the game, as well.

It’ll be a bit of a pain to get it, since you have to accumulate Spoils of Conquest. This is not a gimme item. Put some time in to complete Raid encounters week after week, however, and before long, it’ll be yours. Good luck.

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