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In July 2021, Game of Sultans launched an update that allowed players to adopt animals as pets. This update was a way to celebrate the game’s third anniversary. However, you can’t just find animals anywhere, and there’s a specific way to trigger their appearances.

How to Get Pets in Game of Sultans

By following our guide, you’ll end up adopting one of these wild animals. They’re not just for show, though. When they mature, you’ll find them powerful allies that bring lots of advantages to the table.

Keep on reading to learn the details.

Choosing Your Pet

After you update your game, you have to go to the palace gardens. While relaxing there, the game will trigger a series of events that lead you to choose your pet.

Here’s what will happen:

  1. While relaxing in the palace gardens, you hear animals making aggressive sounds.
  2. Three animals will enter through the gate.
  3. All three are playing with a ball of string, which they will hit towards you.
  4. You have to pick up the ball and make your choice.
  5. The animal you throw the ball at will become your first pet.

The three animals you can choose from are:

  • Bulldog
  • Ocelot
  • Macaque

After you choose your pet, it’s time to build a pet pen, so they have a place to eat and sleep. The following section will teach you how to do it and what advantages you can get.

Building a Pet Pen

After adopting your pet, you have to approach your craftsmen to build a pet pen within the palace grounds. Your pet will live there for the most part, and you can visit them to play or interact with them. If you wish, you can also adjust their positions in the pen.

The more you interact with them, the more your pets trust you and grow. You can also exchange gifts with them, which increases your favor with them.

Your viziers get to play with your pets to help cool down and relax after a long day of work. Later on, you can upgrade your pet pen for your companions, giving them more room to play in. By letting your pets play with the viziers, these integral members of the empire gain bonus attributes.

Who knew keeping a pet in the palace would strengthen your empire? All it takes is to let the viziers play with your adorable pet.

Letting Your Pet Roam Around the Outside World

As you build your pet pen, your furry companion also gets the opportunity to explore the world beyond your palace. You can let your pet leave the pen to have fun. When they return, you’ll receive gifts like treasure or pet food.

Your pets will also come back and tell you stories of what they encountered while exploring outside.

Who’s a Good Boy?

Behind every mighty Sultan or Sultanah and their viziers is a furry companion to adore. In Game of Sultans, the pets aren’t just for show or a moment of adorable interactions. Your empire will benefit from these pets immensely if you show them lots of love.

What animal did you choose as your first pet? How many pets do you have right now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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