Game of the Month: March 2021's Best PS5, PS4 Games


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March was a very busy month for us lot here on Pure PlayStation, as well as on our sister channel Pure Play TV. We got through a lot of reviews and whittling down the top five from the many reviews we did was not easy. Actually, it was. We take the eight highest-scoring games of March and put them on a list. Not difficult at all, actually…

Game of the Month: March 2021's Best PS5, PS4 Games

8 – Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition (PS5)

This next-gen upgrade may have been light on upgrades, but it had them where it mattered. The boost to 60FPS is brilliant and makes the game so much more playable than on the last-gen consoles. It’s tough as nails and it doesn’t take any fools, but if you’re after a budget-friendly Souls-like game, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition fits the bill perfectly. (Read/watch the review)

7 – Spacebase Startopia (PS5, PS4)

Kalypso Media’s portfolio of strategy and management games grew by one last month and it was a great addition because Spacebase Startopia is the resort simulator you didn’t know you wanted. Rather than take the serious route and have you managing a hotel in Malaga, Spacebase Startopia puts you in charge of a space station resort. Your job is to attract as many alien visitors as possible and get them spending, all the while keeping up appearances and fending off competing resort managers and space pirates. It’s brilliant and I’ve spent more than a few nights getting stuck into this one.  (Read/watch the review)

6 – El Hijo – A Wild West Tale (PS4)

El Hijo takes players on a revenge mission in the Old West, but it’s not your typical western. There are no blazing saddles or Mexican standoffs here. Instead, you’re getting a great little stealth game where your wits and toys are your weapons. It’s a fantastic game for thinking players and it tells a sweet mother and son tale, too. (Read/watch the review)

5 – Die With Glory (PS4)

This one was a fair surprise. I was on review duties for Die With Glory and I didn’t do my due diligence before diving into this Viking tale. I thought I’d be playing a cartoony brawler, but instead, I got a very clever point-and-click adventure with a story that goes any which way, depending on which tall tales you want to tell. It’s cheap and cheerful fun and I wholly recommend it. I will say, mind you, that it’s probably best on Nintendo Switch with the touch-screen controls because this is a port of a mobile game. Don’t let that put you off – it’s a cracking little game and well worth a fiver. (Read/watch the review)

4 – Lost Words: Beyond the Page (PS4)

This isn’t just “another platformer” – it’s a platformer of two halves, and it packs an emotional punch if that’s what you’re looking for.
Seeing the world through the journal and imagination of a young child going through tragedy might not sound like traditional fun – unless you’re a bit of a psycho – but it’s still an enjoyable game and it’ll make you think, feel, and maybe even weep. Not me, though. I’m gruff and manly. Honest. (Read/watch the review)

3 – DARQ: Complete Edition (PS5)

I was on the job for this one and at first I was afraid, I was petrified, I never thought I’d make it through the game without a guide… but I did and it was quite the journey. I’d never played the original so the PS5 version was my first time inside skinny boy Lloyd’s twisted nightmares. It didn’t pack that many genuine scares, but it’s a hell of a puzzle game and I can only say good things about the ingenuity of how the puzzles play out with their world-shifting dynamics. Top stuff if you’re a puzzle fan, and a free upgrade if you already own the PS4 version. (Read/watch the review)

2 – Monster Energy Supercross 4 (PS5, PS4)

Jeremy was disappointed by the lack of Papa Roach but impressed with how far Supercross games have come since he last played one. Fast bikes, dangerous jumps, and more challenges than you can shake a broken leg at earned Monster Energy Supercross 4 a high score from us. Jeremy has since discovered Spotify and he can now enjoy his bike racing with his favourite old-school music. Bless him. (Read/watch the review)
And our Game of the Month for March 2021 is…

1 – In Rays of the Light (PS5, PS4)

Horror games are not my cup of tea yet I was fixated with In Rays of the Light from the start. It was creepy without being in-your-face horrific. The masterful use of sound to create atmosphere, tension, and fear had me thrilled and frightened at the same time. It’s a brilliant game let down only by some technical shortcomings, but they’re easy enough to overlook when the rest of the game is so damn good. If you’ve only got the funds for one game on this list, this is the recommendation. It’s short, sure, but every minute is worth every penny spent. (Read/watch the review)

And that’s another Game of the Month done and dusted. If you missed February’s (our first proper one after five damn years…) you can check that out and see what you missed. 

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