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The daily grind in Game of Sultans has to do with managing an Empire, but there are also other aspects of the game to spend your money on. One of these areas is your VIP Rank; attaining a high rank will earn you rewards. However, getting VIP points may be a mystery for some players.

How to Get VIP Points in Game of Sultans

So, how do you get them?

Everyone starts with some VIP Points but not nearly enough to reach Rank 1. The rewards from increasing your VIP Rank are bountiful, making VIP Points a priority for many players. Read on to learn more about VIP Points and the privileges that come with Rank.

How to Get VIP Points

Each Game of Sultan’s player starts with 50 VIP Points, but VIP Rank 1 requires 499 points. What’s more, VIP Rank One doesn’t have any rewards. The only way to increase your VIP Rank is to get points, and there’s only one way.

To earn VIP Points, you have to purchase Diamonds with real-world money. Every time you spend money, you also gain some VIP Points. The more you spend, the higher your VIP Rank becomes.

According to the community, here’s how much you have to spend to reach a VIP Rank:

  • $5 for Rank 1
  • $20 for Rank 2
  • $50 for Rank 3
  • $100 for Rank 4
  • $200 for Rank 5
  • $800 for Rank 6
  • $2,000 for Rank 7
  • $4,000 for Rank 8
  • $10,000 for Rank 9
  • $20,000 for Rank 10
  • $40,000 for Rank 11
  • $80,000 for Rank 12

While there’s a Rank 13, very little information on the costs exists. You need to buy 19,999,900 Diamonds to reach this Rank, which is likely more than $100,000.

While you might think no one will spend this much, there are actual VIP Rank 12 players in Game of Sultans.

There are also websites advertising cheats and hacks for VIP Points, but many sites like these are unsafe, and you may put yourself at risk for cheating.

VIP Rank Rewards

Other than VIP Rank 1, each Rank has its rewards. Aside from consumable items, you’ll get either a Vizier, Consort, or both. Here’s the list:

1 19

Rank 2

  • Two Badge Packs
    v2 badger
  • One Large XP Pack
    v2 xp pack
  • 10 Silver Earrings
    v2 silver earing
  • 10 Gold Earrings
    v2 gold earing
  • 10 Agate Rings
    v2 agate ring
  • 10 Emerald Rings
    v2 emerald ring
  • Consort Alessa

Rank 3

  • Three Badge Packs
    v3 badger
  • One Treasure Pack
    v3 treasure pack
  • One Large XP Pack
    v3 xp pack
  • 10 Vigor Orbs
    v3 vigor orb
  • 10 Energy Orbs
    v3 energy orb
  • 10 Vitality Orbs
    v3 vitality orb
  • Vizier Murat

Rank 4

  • Four Badge Packs
    v4 badger
  • 10 Gold Earrings
    v4 gold earing
  • 10 Emerald Rings
    v4 emerald ring
  • One New Vizier Clothes
    v4 vizier clothes
  • One New Vizier Hat
    v4 new vizier hat
  • One New Vizier Ring
    v4 new vizier rings
  • Consort Rosa

Rank 5

  • Five Badge Packs
    v5 badger
  • Five Treasure Packs
    v5 treasure pack
  • Five Attribute Volumes
    v5 attribute volume
  • One Master Vizier Clothes
    v5 master vizier clothes
  • One Master Vizier Hat
    v5 master vizier hat
  • One Master Vizier Ring
    v5 master vizier rings
  • Vizier Ibrahim

Rank 6

  • 10 Badge Packs
    v6 badger
  • 20 Gold Earrings
    v6 gold earing
  • 20 Emerald Rings
    v6 emerald ring
  • One Elder Vizier Clothes
    v6 elder vizier clothes
  • One Elder Vizier Hat
    v6 elder vizier hat
  • One Elder Vizier Ring
    v6 elder vizier rings
  • Consort Raven

Rank 7

  • 20 Badge Packs
    v7 badger
  • 20 Treasure Packs
    v7 treasure pack
  • 20 Attribute Volumes
    v7 attribute volume
  • One Grand Vizier Clothes
    v7 grand vizier clothes
  • One Grand Vizier Hat
    v7 grand vizier hat
  • One Grand Vizier Ring
    v7 grand vizier rings
  • Vizier Sormet

Rank 8

  • 30 Badge Packs
    v8 badger
  • 30 Gold Earrings
    v8 gold earing
  • 30 Emerald Rings
    v8 emerald ring
  • One Arch Vizier Clothes
    v8 arch vizier clothes
  • One Arch Vizier Hat
    v8 arch vizier hat
  • One Arch Vizier Ring
    v8 arch vizier rings
  • Consort Elena

Rank 9

  • 50 Badge Packs
    v9 badger
  • 50 Gold Earrings
    v9 gold earing
  • 50 Attribute Volumes
    v9 attribute volume
  • Two Arch Vizier Clothes
    v9 arch vizier clothes
  • Two Arch Vizier Hats
    v9 arch vizier hat
  • Two Arch Vizier Rings
    v9 arch vizier rings
  • Vizier Jonas
    v9 m 1
  • Consort Sophia
    v9 f 1

 Rank 10

  • 100 Badge Packs
    v10 badger
  • 100 Gold Earrings
    v10 gold earing
  • 100 Attribute Volumes
    v10 attribute volume
  • One Royal Vizier Clothes
    v10 royal vizier clothes
  • One Royal Vizier Hat
    v10 royal vizier hat
  • One Royal Vizier Ring
    v10 royal vizier rings
  • Vizier Damat
  • Consort Kosa

Rank 11

  • 150 Badge Packs
    v11 badger
  • 150 Gold Earrings
    v11 gold earing
  • 150 Attribute Volumes
    v11 atrtribute volume
  • Two Royal Vizier Clothes
    v11 royal vizer clothes
  • Two Royal Vizier Hats
    v11 royal vizer hat
  • Two Royal Vizier Rings
    v11 royal vizer rings
  • Vizier Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Consort Bella

Rank 12

  • 200 Badge Packs
    v12 badger
  • 200 Gold Earrings
    v12 gold earing
  • 200 Attribute Volumes
    v12 attribute volume
  • Three Royal Vizier Clothes
    v12 royal vizier clothes
  • Three Royal Vizier Hats
    v12 royal vizier hat
  • Three Royal Vizier Rings
    v12 royal vizier rings
  • Vizier Piri Reis
  • Consort Lina

Rank 13

  • 300 Badge Packs
    v13 badger
  • 300 Silver Hairpins
    v13 silver hairpin
  • 300 Attribute Pass I
    v13 attribute pass
  • Five Royal Vizier Clothes
    v13 royal vizier clothes
  • Five Royal Vizier Hats
    v13 royal vizier hat
  • Five Royal Vizier Rings
    v13 royal vizier rings
  • Vizier Turgut Reis
  • Consort Affie

The Important Sovereign Club

As the only way to increase your VIP Rank is to spend copious amounts of money for VIP Points, free-to-play fans won’t be able to get there. You can elect to spend a few dollars occasionally, but the best rewards are still out of reach.

Have you spent money on VIP Points before? What VIP Rank are you at now if you did? Tell us in the comments section below.

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