Genshin Impact: All Battle Pass Weapons (2023)



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Genshin Impact has a Battle Pass every year that players can purchase to get special weapons and other items.

Genshin Impact: All Battle Pass Weapons (2023)

Battle Pass is a special Genshin Impact rewards system where players must complete challenges and receive rewards. However, most of these rewards are locked behind a paywall in the form of 2 bundles called Gnostic Hymn and Gnostic Chorus. This means players need to unlock or purchase any of the bundles to get the rewards after completing the Battle Pass levels.

When reaching Battle Pass level 30 in Genshin Impact, you can choose one of the available weapons. As of the time of writing, the game is in Version 4.0, with new weapons added to the Battle Pass and the Hydro nation of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass Weapons – Swords

The Black Sword

“A pitch-black longsword that thirsts for violence and conflict. It is said that this weapon can cause its user to become drunk on the red wine of slaughter.”

This weapon has a maximum Base ATK of 510 and a secondary stat of 27.6%. Its passive ability is called Justice. It grants the user an increase in the damage of their Normal and Charged Attacks by at least 20%. Additionally, when Normal and Charged Attacks score a Critical Hit, the character will regenerate HP. The total of regenerated HP is 20% of their ATK. However, this effect can only be triggered once every 5 seconds.


“Legend has it that this longsword was once used by a wandering knight in the distant past.”

This sword also has 510 Base ATK at maximum enhancement level and a Critical Rate of up to 27.6% from its secondary stat. Northwind Wolf’s passive ability will increase the damage dealt by the character’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst by at least 16%. When an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an opponent, that attack’s Critical Rate will be increased by 2% or more, depending on the weapon’s refinement level.

The Critical Rate bonus granted to the Elemental Skill is independent of the bonus granted to the Elemental Burst, and each lasts 10 seconds. A maximum of 4 stacks of this effect can be obtained, and an effect can only be triggered once every 0.1 seconds.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass Weapons – Claymores

Serpent Spine

“A rare weapon whose origin is the ancient ocean. One can hear the sound of the ageless waves as one swings it.”

Serpent Spine grants 510 Base ATK and 27.7% Critical Rate as its secondary stat. Wavesplitter, its weapon passive ability, will grant the character a damage boost every 4 seconds that they are in the field. The boost is 6 to 10% Damage, depending on the weapon’s refinement level, and a maximum of 5 stacks can be obtained. But, simultaneously, the character will take 3-2% more damage.

This effect does not disappear if the character leaves the field, but one stack will be removed every time the character gets hit.

Serpent Spine is a good weapon for any DPS Claymore user. The increased damage that the character takes can be remedied with a shield. However, a stack still gets removed if the character gets hit, regardless of whether they take damage. Another problem with this weapon is that it can only be obtained by unlocking Battle Pass.

Talking Stick

“Most people will find this obsidian-inlaid club quite convincing indeed.”

This claymore has a maximum Base ATK of 565 and gives a Critical Rate up to 18..4%. Talking Stick has a passive ability named “The Silver Tongue.” It grants the user an increase in ATK for 15 seconds after being affected by Pyro. 

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However, if the character is affected by Hydro, Cryo, Electro, or Dendro, then the character will be granted an increase in All Elemental Damage for 15 seconds. The effect brought by “The Silver Tongue” can only be triggered once every 12 seconds.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass Weapons – Polearms


“A sharp crimson polearm that was once a gladiator’s priceless treasure. Its awl has been stained by the blood of countless beasts and men.”

This Battle Pass polearm is known for its high Critical Rate bonus as a secondary stat. It can give a 36.8% Critical Rate at weapon level 90, much higher than the 22.1% that the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear gives. It can provide the highest possible Critical Rate from any polearm and be considered the 4-star version of the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear.

Gladiator, this weapon’s passive effect, will increase the user’s ATK and Defense by at least 16% if at least two opponents are nearby. If only one opponent is nearby, then only the user’s ATK is increased by at least 24%. Deathmatch is a good alternative to a 5-star polearm if you can purchase the game’s Battle Pass.

Deathmatch is a good weapon for DPS characters because it grants a high Critical Rate stat. It also allows more chances of dealing Critical Hits to opponents.

Ballad of the Fjords

“A polearm used by those seeking to catch fish in the tundra. It lets none escape.”

This weapon has 510 Base ATK and 27.6% Critical Rate secondary stat at maximum enhancement level. The passive ability called Tales of the Tundra will increase the Elemental Mastery of the weapon user by at least 120 when there are at least three different Elemental Types in your party.

To maximize the effects of this polearm, you need to consider the characters in the team.


Solar Pearl

“A dull, golden pearl made of an unknown substance that harbors the light of the sun and the moon, and pulses with a warm strength.”

This catalyst has 510 Base ATK and 27.6% Critical Rate secondary stat at a maximum enhancement level of 90.

With Solar Shine, the weapon’s passive effect, if an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an opponent, the Normal Attack of the weapon wielder will be increased. Likewise, if a Normal Attack hits an opponent, the damage of the weapon wielder’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is increased.

Sacrificial Jade

“An ancient jade pendant that gleams like clear water. It seems to have been used in ancient ceremonies.”

Sacrificial Jade is a catalyst with a lesser Basse ATK of 454 but a higher 36.8% Critical Rate secondary stat at maximum enhancement level.

Jade Circulation, the weapon’s passive ability, will increase the weapon user’s Max HP by at least 32% and Elemental Mastery by up to 80 if that character is not on the field for more than 5 seconds. These effects will be canceled after that character has been on the field for 10.

Given how the passive ability of this weapon gets triggered, it would be best to equip this catalyst to a character whose role is support. Preferably the ones with abilities that scale off their HP and Elemental Mastery.


The Viridescent Hunt

“A pure green hunting bow. This once belonged to a certain hunter whose home was the forest.”

At a maximum enhancement level of 90, The Viridescent Hunt will have a Base ATK of 510 and 27.6% Critical Rate secondary stat. Its passive effect, called Verdant Wind, grants a 50% chance to generate a Cyclone whenever a normal and charged attack hits an opponent. The Cyclone will continuously attract surrounding opponents and will deal physical damage to these opponents.

Scion of the Blazing Sun

“An ancient longbow that is a remnant of King Deshret’s ancient era. An indecipherable ancient text and solemn patterns have been carved into it.”

This bow has 565 Base ATK, higher than most 4-star bows, but only 18.4% Critical Rate for its secondary stat.

The weapon’s passive ability, The Way of Sunfire, will increase damage to the weapon wielder’s charged attacks. Specifically, after a Charged Attack hits an opponent, a Sunfire Arrow will descend upon the opponent that was hit. This will deal at least 60% ATK as damage and apply the Heartsearer effect for 10 seconds.

Opponents affected by Heartsearer will take 28% to 56% more Charged Attack DMG from the character. This will depend on the weapon’s refinement level. However, a Sunfire Arrow can only be triggered once every 10 seconds.

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