Genshin Impact: How to Avoid Getting Frozen in Dragonspine



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Dragonspine is a snow-capped mountain area located south of Mondstadt. It has harsh weather conditions and features a mechanic called Subzero Climate. Stepping out onto the icy areas of the mountain will trigger Sheer Cold. The more you stay out there, the more it will accumulate.

Genshin Impact: How to Avoid Getting Frozen in Dragonspine

When Sheer Cold is triggered, a blue meter will appear above your HP bar. This meter will slowly increase to indicate that your character is experiencing cold temperature.

As the bar slowly reaches its limit, it will blink in red, and ice will slowly cover around your screen to obstruct your vision. When Sheer Cold reaches its limit, your character will slowly lose HP.

There is no way to turn off the Subzero Climate, but things can temporarily stop and slow down the accumulation of Sheer Cold. These things will help you survive and completely explore Dragonspine without worrying too much about Sheer Cold.

Campfires and Torches

You can find bonfires, campfires, and torches mostly around paths and camps.


Ruin Braziers

These are small mechanical structures special to Dragonspine. You can usually find these near ruins, and you have to activate them for them to emit warmth.

Teleport Waypoints

You can go near or teleport to any Teleport Waypoint to diminish and stop Sheer Cold from accumulating.

Statue of the Seven

The Statue of Seven will also keep you warm and protect you from Sheer Cold.

Warming Seelies

Following or getting near Warming Seelies will reduce and stop Sheer Cold.

Scarlet Quartz

Scarlet Quartz is like a special rock that you can find all over Dragonspine.

Picking it up will give your character a buff that will temporarily decrease the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation. This buff will also boost your next hit.

Scarlet Quartz buff

Delicious Goulash

Delicious Goulash is a dish that will temporarily reduce the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation. This effect will last up to 900 seconds.

You can obtain this dish by cooking, and the recipe is obtainable by completing the “Ah, Fresh Meat” quest. The quest is available from Harris, who is in the camp at the entrance of Dragonspine.

Warming Bottle

A warming bottle is a gadget that, upon use, will release an imitation of a Warming Seelie. It emits heat for a short period of time to help decrease the effects of Sheer Cold.

Warming Bottle when used
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