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Learn how to complete Khedive’s Investigation Quests in the Chasm in Genshin Impact!

Khedive’s Investigations in The Chasm Quests Genshin Impact Guide

Khedive is an NPC in Genshin Impact who you will meet as a member of The Chasm Exploration Team, the group of people you worked with as you investigate the unusual phenomenon in The Chasm: Underground Mines. He is one of the scholars of Amurta in Sumeru Akademiya. As part of a collaborative agreement with Liyue Qixing, he agreed to fund the exploration team as he researches the ecological changes that The Chasm is undergoing.

While exploring the underground mines, you will find stuff that might pique your interest, and you can consult Khedive about them. Such actions will trigger the ecological survey quests that Khedive will give you. The Sumeru scholar has three world quests related to his research of The Chasm, which are:

Khedive’s Investigation Quests

When you approach Khedive, you will hear him talk to himself, saying what a geological environment the team is in now and claiming that he is pretty sure he can outdo the research goals of the Akademiya that year.

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You must collect the related items to have the dialogue options for each quest.

Khedive’s Investigation Quests – Mycological Investigation in The Chasm

For this quest to be available, you must have collected at least one Starshroom. If you have done so, the dialogue option that says “So, about these mushrooms…” will be available when you talk to Khedive in the camp.

A screenshot of a Starshroom from Genshin Impact

If you select the given option, Khedive will express how impressed he is with you as an experienced adventurer because you came back with new findings soon.

After seeing the shining mushrooms, Khedive seems perplexed and asks if you are sure you found them here underground. To him, these mushrooms look similar to an indigenous mushroom in Sumeru. But he said he can not be sure yet about what you have. He will need to have enough samples for him to be able to conclude.

Since you found the shining mushrooms, Khedive expects you to know where to get more, so he asks you to collect and bring him more. He promised to pay you handsomely.

You will need 8 Starshrooms, and if you already have enough in your inventory, you can talk to Khedive again to complete this task.

If you have enough Starshroom, talking to Khedive will give the option that says, “Here are the mushrooms you asked for.

Selecting the said dialogue will have Khedive say that with your help, his research is “as smooth as a cat soaring in the air,” as they call it in Liyue. Like a winged tiger!

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Upon seeing the mushrooms, Khedive was confused about what happened to them fungi. He finds it strange that they look almost identical to an indigenous species save for the fluorescein. He speculates that it is probably because they have evolved in the darkness and wondered why their look remains the same after evolution.

He then explains that fungi evolve to adapt to their surrounding environment, but the ones you collected are the type of fungi more suited to living in forest environments. That is the reason why Khedive is so certain of their Sumeru origin.

When asked why they glow, Kedive answered that since these mushrooms are not indigenous to The Chasm, they did not evolve to glow. Instead, the glowing is a result of some abnormal ecological phenomenon. He said it was probably because of the fragment that fell from the sky.

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Khedive was saying something about a fragment of the energy the mushrooms absorbed, but he quickly changed it and said that when the fragments of fungi fell from the sky, they must have undergone some random mutation. And after that weird thought that he was saying loudly, he will dismiss you by saying thank you and asking you to get some rest.

The Sumeru scholar asks you to leave him some alone time as he studies the specimen you collected.

Khedive’s Investigation Quests – Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm

For this quest to be available, you must take a photo of at least one of the bone figures on a wall in The Chasm: Underground Mines. Once done, a dialogue option that says “About the strange rock we found…” will be available when you talk to Khedive.

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If you select the said dialogue, Khedive will ask you to show him the picture of the strange rock you took. Upon showing him, the researcher suddenly became excited, saying that the image was clear and seemed so glad to have proven right how the new Kamera models from Fontaine are as good as they say.

He will then share that he once bought a prototype of the gadget, but the images captured were unclear. And they were too clumsy to be handled by one person alone, so those things rotted away in some corner of the Akademiya. Although the prototypes cost him a meal’s worth of Mora, he seems convinced it is time to buy some new Kameras.

After looking at just a single glass in the picture, Khedive easily identified the thing in the photo as a fossil. He said you can see many fossilized marine creatures in the picture and recalled the vast ocean eventually engulfs a saying in Liyue that goes something like “forests and fields.”

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Khedive hypothesized that the fact that the fossil appears in The Chasm proves that these creatures were buried underground instantly. Otherwise, their skeletons would not be so perfectly preserved. He heard that underground mines have frequent earthquakes, which he thinks makes sense because one of the prerequisites for fossil formation is active geological movements.

He is sure this finding will shed new light on the team’s understanding of the ancient creatures that once inhabited this place. But he said he could use a few more pictures and asked you to take five more pictures of similar rocks for his report. He offered a reasonable price for this one, for it is a big discovery, which is no understatement.

Locations of All 5 Fossils in The Chasm

Eastern Part of Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel

This is probably the first fossil you will come across in The Chasm: Underground Mines. It is located south of the eastern Teleport Waypoint of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel.

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After teleporting to the said Teleport Waypoint, glide down south and directly to the bottom of this area. On the ground, on the corner by the wooden platforms, you will see a light that marks the spot, and the fossil is on the floor.

Treasure Hoarders are in this area, so you have to defeat them first before you can take a picture of the strange rock.

North of The Chasm Main Mining Area

This area is the lower cave of the mines. It is the same area where you found one of the keys to the gunpowder storehouse, but instead of dropping down from the broken bridge, you need to go across it and go to the cave on the opposite side.

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Just at the cave entrance is where you will find the fossil.

Treasure Hoarders are also in this area, so you must defeat them before photographing the strange rock.

Underground Waterway

Travel to the Teleport Waypoint location to get to the strange rock in this area. Once there, walk to the left to get to the upper part of the nearby waterfalls.

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On the corner of the cave lake, you will find an Anemo Totem. Strike this with an Anemo attack to summon a strong wind current.

Ride the wind current until you reach a stone bridge above, in the middle of this deep hole. By the wall on the said bridge is the fossil.

Southern Part of Underground Waterway

For this strange rock, you need to go back to the Teleport Waypoint in the Underground Waterway and then to the left side, following where the water is going.

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You can walk on the rocks by the wall or glide down until you see a few hilichurls beside a glowing rock. The fossil you need to photograph is on the wall where the monsters are.

Defeat the monsters first before you can take a picture of the strange rock.

West of The Glowing Narrows

You most likely have encountered this fossil while doing the later parts of The Chasm Delvers.

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Travel to the Teleport Waypoint in The Glowing Narrows and head west through the strange gate and down to the narrow path that leads further deep into The Chasm.

You will find the fossil just past the Shadowy Husk on the wall to the right. Take a picture of this strange rock to complete what you need.

After taking all five pictures of the strange rocks, return to the Exploration Team’s camp and show Khedive the photographs.

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Khedive thinks the pictures are nice and are worth the exploration team’s resources. He then pointed out that the photos show ancient marine creatures’ bones and that you can see their structure. He said this place was beneath the ocean’s surface before becoming The Chasm.

The researcher said that if you were in Sumeru, he would have brought the fossils back to the Akademiya to begin research immediately. He can not afford to have miners accidentally tampering with the fossils. He said you need to hire people to take some precautions and promised to bring this matter up next time he meets up with the people of the Ministry.

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Khedive assured you that the fossils are perfectly preserved, their structure is intact, and this means one thing—these creatures were instantly buried underground. Nearly all fossils at The Chasm are located at a fixed altitude. It was a quick process – almost all fossils here formed almost simultaneously. Something must have radically altered the ecosystem here in a split second—like a huge shock wave.

The quest ends with Khedive wondering what could have happened in The Chasm.

Khedive’s Investigation Quests – Hydrological Investigation in The Chasm

This quest will be triggered when you go fishing in the upper western part of the Underground Waterway. But first, you need to get to the area, which can be tricky to find or get to.

The only way to get to this part of the Underground Waterway is to travel to the Teleport Waypoint south of The Chasm: Main Mining Area.

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From the teleport waypoint, walk to your left, to the west side of the map, into the cave where a Fatui Camp is situated. Go past this camp to the other end until you get to a cliff. From here, walk to the right and follow the path by the wall that leads to an upper area where you will find a tunnel path.

Please follow this path until you get to the cave with water around it.

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Find the fishing spot and start fishing. Whether you caught a fish or not, once you cancel or stop fishing, a notification will appear telling you that you caught something strange from the water.

When you check your inventory, you will find the Strange Object there.

A screenshot of a Strange Object from Genshin Impact

It is a strange item you fished up from the underground waterways in The Chasm. It is wet, and you cannot tell if this is a living or dead thing.

With this thing in your possession, talking to Khedive will have a dialogue option with “About the strange object…” available. This will activate the quest and list it in your quests window.

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Khedive agrees that it looks like fishing bait at first glance but asks if it is normal for people to come across this stuff while fishing. He will mention Anisha, who claims never to miss a single day fishing on Watatsumi Island but never discovered anything special.

Upon checking, the Sumeru scholar said he could sense an incredibly high concentration of Hydro energy within it. The groundwater in The Chasm does not contain unusually rich elemental power, but Khedive wonders if that has anything to do with things like this growing within it.

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However, since you fished it, its elemental energy has been ebbing away. Khedive thinks maybe you need to place it by the water to see what its power is capable of. He also suggests that you activate it with Hydro energy, suspecting that it will reveal its secrets then. Khedive then asks you to do this and let him know if you get any results, and of course, he will pay you if your findings are of academic value.

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The spot where you need to place the Strange Object is east of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel. Travel to the southeastern Teleport Waypoint and glide down below close to the plunge pool of the waterfalls.

Place the object and use a Hydro attack or skill to activate it. After doing so, Hydro Geovishap will emerge and attack you. Defeat this monster to proceed with the investigation.

Once the monster is defeated, return to the camp and tell Khedive about what happened by the water.

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When you tell him what happened, the researcher could not believe the object turned into a Geovishap in the water. He then quickly realized that you meant it did not turn into a Geovishap but attracted one over. If it had turned into a Geovishap, Khedive said his world-view would have been shattered.

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To answer your question about what that thing exactly is, Khedive asked first if there was anything special about the Geovishap, like if it wielded Hydro. If you say you did not notice, the researcher will be impressed that you have taken it down too quickly to notice its special trait.

Khedive hypothesizes that the Geovishap is probably able to use Hydro. The groundwater in The Chasm contains dense hydro energy. Certain high-concentration spots have become the nurturing grounds for the waterweed-like object you fished up. The Geovishap and other water-loving creatures in The Chasm have increased their power by feeding on these rich waterweeds in Hydro.

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So that thing is just some waterweed rich in Hydro elements. One that contains exceedingly dense hydroelemental energy. You do not usually find it in ordinary environments – unless some immense, pure power has altered the source of the water. Khedive thought these waterweeds could turn into sentient elemental beings one day and noted that this would make a fine research topic.

Khedive’s Investigation Quests Completion Rewards

After completing the last investigation quests, Khedive will discuss a serious topic. Since you have done him a big favor the past few days, Khedive wonders how to repay you. Considering your amiable collaboration with him so far, he thinks it wouldn’t be enough to pay you with Mora.

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Khedive then hands you a letter and says that if you ever run into trouble or need help in your future journey in Sumeru, bring the letter to the House of Purbiruni. He promised they would spare no effort in helping you and shared a Sumeru saying, “Connections are far more precious than gold,” which he thinks is true.

The letter that Khedive gave is the Akademiya Recommendation Letter.

Akademiya Recommendation Letter

A screenshot of a Akademiya Recommendation Letter in Genshin Impact

This letter is carefully crafted and is sealed in the name of “Ecologist Khedive Pursina.” You for this as a gift from Khedive. He claims this is even more precious than gold and can gain you the help of the House of Purbiruni. Khedive himself believes monetary remuneration to be something of an insult… Hopefully, this doesn’t prove to be a trend with people from Sumeru.

Completing all three of Khedive’s Investigation Quests will unlock an achievement:

A screenshot of the "Of the Human Heart Many Essays Written" achievement

Of the Human Heart Many Essays Written – Complete all ecological surveys and gain the recommendation letter from Khedive.

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