GTA 5: BZ Gas Grenades Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Why brute force your way through security when you can use gas grenades to put them to sleep?

GTA 5: BZ Gas Grenades Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

If you choose to go for the “Smart” approach for The Jewelry Store Job, you will need to know how you can complete the BZ Gas Grenades Mission in GTA 5.

The mission is simple – hijack a van carrying a special briefcase, and lose the cops as soon as you secure the package.

The real challenge comes with completing the mission with a Gold Medal, but even this is relatively easy as long as you follow the guide we have for you in this article.

BZ Gas Grenades Mission Overview

Like the Bugstars Equipment mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, the BZ Gas Grenades mission is a Heist Setup mission under the Smart Approach for the Jewel Store Job Heist mission in-game.

The mission is unlocked by completing the Casing the Jewel Store mission or the Bugstars Equipment missions in GTA 5. After this, Lester will send Michael a text message or give him a quick phone call about the Humane Labs vans and the items they need from the same van.

After Michael receives the text or ends the phone call, an “H” marker will appear on the map. Approaching this marker will automatically start the mission.

Completing this Heist Setup mission will unlock The Jewel Store Job, and the crew will proceed with the Heist using the Smart Approach using the Bugstars Equipment van and the BZ Gas Grenades.

Gold Medal Objectives

Obtaining Gold Medal in the BZ Gas Grenades mission is pretty straightforward.

  • Loose Cargo – Shoot open the back doors to release the cargo.

However, keep in mind that you will incur at least a one-star wanted level by shooting the rear of the Humane Labs vehicle. Be careful not to accidentally kill one of the guards, as you will be given a three-star wanted level instead.

BZ Gas Grenades Walkthrough

As mentioned above, approaching the “H” marker on the map/radar right after Michael receives a text message or a call from Lester will start the BZ Gas Grenades mission.

image 203

Right away, the game will give you two options for approaching the mission. You can shoot the doors open or destroy the van to get the cargo.

Of course, you already know to go for the former, as this is the only way to get a Gold Medal completion.

As you can see, you will get a one-star wanted level the moment you start shooting the rear of the Humane Labs van.

image 204

To get a Gold Medal finish, you need to be able to shoot open the rear doors of the van and release the cargo.

You can use your car to block the van from way ahead. Afterward, proceed on foot and activate Michael’s special ability to slow down time and give you enough time to shoot the van’s rear doors.

image 216
image 217

Quickly switch to a machine gun or a shotgun.

image 218

Remember to aim for the door handles to release the hatch. Shooting other parts of the door will not work.

image 219
image 220
image 221

Now comes the fun part – lose the cops by getting off the freeway as quickly as possible. Staying on the highway will only make the escape more difficult as the Police have a faster car than you.

image 222
image 223
image 224

As soon as you lose the cops, make your way to the Garment Factory marked yellow on the map:

image 209
image 210
image 211

Make your way towards one of the storage rooms in the Garment Factory and drop off the package. After which, Michael will give Lester a call to let him know.

image 212
image 213
image 214

Easy BZ

Completing both the Bugstars Equipment mission and the BZ Gas Grenades Heist Setup missions will unlock The Jewelry Store Job – one of the first major heist missions in the game. If you go for the Smart approach, you must complete these two missions to enter the Jewelry Store and put everyone in the store to sleep.

Getting a Gold Medal in the BZ Gas Grenades mission is pretty simple if you know where and how to shoot the Humane Labs van to get the gas grenades as quickly as possible. Follow the guide above to get Gold in the BZ Gas Grenades setup mission in GTA 5.

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