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Learn how to complete the Solitary Sea-Beast Quest in Genshin Impact!

Solitary Sea-Beast Quest Genshin Impact Guide

Solitary Sea-Beast is a world quest in Genshin Impact on Watatsumi Island, Inazuma. This will be available once you can access the Electro nation of Inazuma. The quest tells the story of a girl standing beside the bones of a large sea creature. She seems gloomy as if something related to the bones makes her sad.

Solitary Sea-Beast Quest Location and NPC

The quest is located on the western part of Watatsumi Island, specifically the shore south of Mouun Shrine. You can teleport to the Statue of the Seven in the area and glide down south to the said shore, where you will find huge bone remains and a young woman beside it.

A screenshot of the location of the Solitary Sea-Beast Quest

An exclamation mark will be visible on the map and top of the head of the young lady, indicating that the world quest can be triggered or taken.

Solitary Sea-Beast Quest Steps

Step 1: Go to the beach.

When you teleport to the Statue of the Seven on Watatsumi Island, you will find a quest icon on your map south of the Mouun Shrine.

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By the beach just below the cliff of the shrine, you will find a young woman standing next to the bones of some huge creature.

Step 2: Talk to the lady.

When you approach the young woman, she will tell you that you are an unfamiliar face and then apologize if she is being rude; it’s just that she is not very good at talking to strangers. 

The young woman’s name is Kumi, and the carcass next to her is of someone she named Kuntira, a childhood friend. It might sound silly, and you may even think it’s just her wishful thinking, but the skeleton is what her childhood friend left behind. Meaning her friend is a sea creature.

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On Narukami Island, people call such creatures “Umibouzu,” which are said to attack cargo ships on long voyages often and rob fishermen of their catch. It is why these creatures are hunted down and killed by humans. But, on Watatsumi Island, the locals would give each creature a unique name.

They never gave these species a common name because they thought each was lonely, like humans. Lonely, docile, indifferent to curiosity and hostility outside of their world. Alone, roaming in the currents. Alone suffocation in the shallows.

However, Kumi’s best friend may have been the last of her kind. She thinks that they became friends because rather than alleviating each other’s loneliness, they were enjoying the loneliness together, a solitude they both shared.

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Kumi has been away for a long time since she grew up, but now that she finally has the opportunity to return, she is too late. Her best friend has passed away. The war has also blocked the way back to Narukami Island, so she thinks she will be stranded here even longer.

This young lady will then ask you to do her a favor and collect Sakura flowers for her friend. Kumi said that her friend loves Thunder Sakura flowers, and she wanted to offer her friend some of them at least.

Step 3: Give Kumi 3 Sakura Blooms.

After collecting the Sakura Bloom, give it to Kumi and see if she is troubled by anything else.

If you already have at least three Sakura Blooms in your inventory, you can immediately talk to Kumi again.

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Kumi will accept the Sakura Blooms and decide she has enough to make a wreath of flowers to offer her best friend. She will then ask you for another favor, and this time, she will ask you to check something out.

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Kumi heard from the elders of Bourou Village that there is hilichurl activity again on the beach to the west. It also happens that a researcher from Sumeru passed by this area the other day and is heading to that location. Kumi said she thinks the researcher’s name is Anisa, and she has not returned yet. Although Kumi doesn’t know her, she is worried and wants you to find her and see if she is doing okay.

Step 4: Head to the hilichurl camp in the west.

Follow the shoreline past the bones of the sea creature until you get to a hilichurl camp. Once there, you will hear someone yelling for help to save their thesis.

The person in distress is Anisa, the researcher about whom Kumi talked.

Step 5: Rescue Anisa.

Defeat the four hilichurls surrounding Anisa.

Step 6: Talk to Anisa.

After clearing the area of monsters, talk to Anisa and see if she needs help with anything else.

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The researcher from Sumeru gave her thanks, and when you mentioned Kumi, she recalled a local lass who looked a bit gloomy but was very nice. She said she should thank Kumi personally later and then continued to introduce herself properly.

She is Naisa Purbiruni, a trainee Dastur at Sumeru Akademiya’s Oceanographic Society. As for her surname, Purbiruni, it’s because her academic lineage dates back five centuries to the great scholar, the sage Biruni.

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Anisa feels a little embarrassed about making people worry about her. However, there are still things that she has yet to do. The research she has on hand has not borne fruit, so she must hurry. Specifically, the statues of Watatsumi in this area are the object of her research. 

The researcher finds the traditional beliefs of the people of Watatsumi to be very fascinating. In antiquity, the shrine maidens of Watatsumi would place permanently given offerings under memorials. Afterward, they would protect those offerings with sophisticated mechanical puzzles or simple elemental techniques. 

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This was originally a manner of protecting and storing objects that were offered. But people gradually discovered the joys of solving puzzles for their own sake and even considered this a way of communicating with the now-deceased through one’s intellect. 

As such, solving puzzles melded with religious rituals resulted in a unique tradition. And so, apart from the usual offerings, “solving puzzles left by those who came before” and seeking the “desires of the heart” also became rituals of worship or divination. However, the better part of this is Anisa’s guesswork. If you want to be sure, you must conduct many folklore studies.

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Anisa is talking about the riches offered to the statues of Watatsumi — the gifts of forebears to their descendants. This means treasure, of course, and since Paimon seems to have a strong interest in the study topic, the researcher would like to ask for your help. She’s not interested in treasure; she just needs her research results.

Step 7: Solve the puzzle of the Watatsumi statue.

This puzzle involves a floor tile, a sealed Mysterious Statue, and three totems.

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The quest marker will be on the first tile of the puzzle, but you will still need to interact with three totems in the area to remove the seal around the statue and ultimately solve the puzzle.

One totem is just by the shore near the statue, and you will need a Hydro attack to activate it.

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The second one is on the platform up the stairs of the hilichurl chieftain hall, and you will need an Electro attack to activate it.

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The last totem is under the hilichurl base, and since an electro barrier is sealing off the entire hall, you need to summon an Electrogranum.

You can do this by going to the cave behind the hall and looking for the Thunder Bough. Once done, enter the hilichurl chieftain hall to deactivate the thunder barrier.

Now that barrier’s gone, go to the last totem and strike it with an Electro attack to activate it.

After activating all three totems, the Mysterious Statue can now be interacted with, and you can step on the tile again to start the puzzle. Next, you should step on the three other tiles connected to where you are until you get to the one next to the Mysterious Statue.

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After that, “pay respect at the statue” to activate it and reveal a tile where you should move next.

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Walk over to the three tiles to the north and then move to the tile next to it and to the one beside the statue.

Interact with the mysterious statue again to reveal another tile you must step on next.

Complete the rest of the puzzle by stepping on the remaining tiles without stepping on the same one more than once.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Step 8: Talk to Anisa.

After solving the puzzle, an Exquisite Chest will appear as the treasure hidden by the puzzle. You can take the treasures and talk to Anisa, the researcher from Sumeru, to report the progress.

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When asked if it is okay to take the offerings, Anisa will assure you that it is fine and that these symbolize “the heart’s desire.” That the forebears of this land left it to those who came after as a symbol of faith and a token of trust; you could consider it a concrete way of “passing memories on.”

Anisa further shared that to become a Dastur, instead of remaining a trainee formally, you need to have two different theses pass through the review stage. Although she can ask for an extension, she still needs to find a second topic. Her second field of study is marine biology. However, due to the recent instability in Inazuma, she had to call a halt to research on that front.

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You then suggest Kumi’s old friend, reminding Anisa that she had a passing glance at that creature earlier. If she’s not mistaken, the skeleton is that of an Umibouzu – or at least, that’s what the people of Narukami Island call it. They are huge, intelligent, and savage sea monsters and are considered the arch-nemesis of all sailors.

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The sea creatures have been wiped out in most ocean regions, but this isn’t true here on Watatsumi Island. It seems as though they have even grown close to humanity. Which Anisa thinks is a very unusual phenomenon indeed. Very interesting. Now, Anisa wants to head back and look for Kumi quickly.

Step 9: Talk to Kumi.

Go back to where the bones of the sea creature are situated, and you can still find Kumi there.

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Kumi will thank you for bringing Anisa back safe and sound, and then she will continue with the garland she is making for her friend.

After offering the garland to the bones, Anisa and Kumi discuss the name of the sea creature. Kuntira, the name of Kumi’s friend, means “whale” in the ancient language, said the elders on the island. But Kumi said she chose this name because she likes it, and Anisa said it fits with “Kumi,” which she thinks is beautiful.

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Kumi then tells Anisa the story that Kuntira was the last remnant of their kind. That she was born alone and died alone. Kumi said she thought this might also be her destiny sooner or later. She wasn’t born on Watatsumi Island, nor did she belong to her father’s hometown in Narukami Island.

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Anisa then explained that the pelvic bones of the sea creature are still well-developed, unlike those of a whale. She has been paying attention to the pelvic structure and the traces that Kuntira left behind since she first arrived here. She gave an example that when humans give birth, they experience strong expansions and contractions, and as such, a stable support structure that protects the internal organs and soft tissues is indispensable.

For Kuntira, her pelvis is the same. A pelvis that has undergone childbirth tends to show a certain degree of deformation and wear due to expansion and contraction. The body shape of primitive marine creatures tends to be teardrop-shaped, so their pelvises are also narrower. Based on the deformations of the pelvic bones, Kuntira must have undergone many births. It seems she had found her home in the sea and her happiness.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Anisa also pointed out that stranded sea animals often show signs of distortion and strain on certain parts of their vertebrae. Based on these preliminary observations, Kuntira’s spine is straight, almost as if she did not experience any painful struggle.

Based on a rough observation of her bone age, Anisa would estimate that she passed away safely before she came to shore. As for why she came to this familiar place in her final hours, Anisa thinks that maybe this was Kuntira’s way of telling her good friend that she had lived a happy and fulfilling life. Because of that, Anisa encourages Kumi to live well, too, and Kumi agrees.

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Kumi shares how she would always feel torn about returning to her home on Narukami Island or staying here in Bourou Village. Anisa added that she was also torn about returning to Akademiya or remaining in this country. Due to the war, confusion, and pressure from the Shogunate, it was too much, and many people considered giving up.

Anisa believes that one must choose to continue or to give up. Choosing to continue may still be fruitless, but choosing to give up. She tries convincing Kumi to let her life begin again, this time without fear of loss.

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The researcher then asked Kumi, since she might have to stay on Watatsumi Island to study marine life long-term if she could make friends with Kuntira’s children. Kumi then offered to give Anisa a room in Bourou Village, where she lives.

The two ladies then expressed their gratitude to you for helping them.

Solitary Sea-Beast Quest Rewards

Completing this quest will unlock the achievement of “A Mermaid’s Tale – Help Kumi with her problem.”

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You will also complete one of the Reputation-Related Task Completions in Inazuma.

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