How to Get Adept Killer in Dead by Daylight


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Learn how to get adept killer in Dead by Daylight!

How to Get Adept Killer in Dead by Daylight

Though the goal of asymmetrical games like Dead by Daylight seems pretty simple—either surviving the killer or killing all the survivors—the game also comes with trophies and extras to make things more interesting to players.

One goal that many competitive players are looking to achieve is Adept for specific killers, and the game has some specific challenges set up for each character to get the trophy.

How To Get Adept for Every Killer in Dead by Daylight

While every killer has a different set of skills that could build up to earning the perk, the most common factor in getting adept is that players need to earn a Merciless Victory with the killer using only their specific perks.

01 Dead by Daylight Ghostface 03

It gets tricky because the difficulty of gaining a Merciless Victory depends on the killer’s special powers. Killers with very good perks and abilities can allow players to get Merciless Victories fairly easily, while other killers needing more skill could make it trickier to get the MV.

Not to mention, killers are only as good as the team of survivors they’re going against, so it’s possible that could also be a factor in the hunt for an Adept trophy.

Points and Pips

Before getting into the Merciless Killer ranking, it’s important to understand the difference between Points and Pips in the game. The killer earns points by successfully performing several actions during a trial. The more points you earn are converted into pips that track the killer’s rank.

Here are the specific actions that will earn the killer points:

Hook a survivor once – 1 pt.

Cause a survivor to enter the struggle phase – 1 pt.

Successful sacrifice of a survivor– 2 pts.

Kill a Survivor via Memento Mori – 2 pts.

Cause a survivor to bleed out– 1 pt.

Survivor disconnects while loading – 2 pts.

Survivor disconnects during a match – 4 pts.

Killer disconnects at any time – 0 pts.

03 The Spirit Dead by Daylight 01

The number of points received during a round is then converted into pips, and that chart goes:

0-7 pts. – 1 Pips

8 pts. ­– 0 Pips

9-15 pts. – 1 Pip

16 pts. – 2 Pips

From the amount of Pips you receive during a match, you can determine the kind of title you can get as a killer.

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Take note: the numbers don’t show up in real-time, so players can only wait for the point count by the end of the trial.

03 Dead by Daylight Spirit Gameplay

Merciless or Ruthless?

Getting a ‘Merciless Killer’ title depends on how many Pips you can score during a match. Take note, while it’s regular to receive pips after matches, it’s also possible to lose them depending on your performance—but the worst-case scenario is usually up and disconnecting from a match.

The ranking goes as follows:

Brutal KillerThe killer does not receive or lose any pips

Ruthless KillerThe killer is rewarded one pip

Merciless Killer The killer receives two pips

Entity DispleasedThe killer loses one pip

Disgraceful DefeatThe killer is disconnected from the match and loses two pips

04 Resident Evil Wesker Dead by Daylight

Please the Entity

Going for Adept on a Killer in Dead by Daylight simply means that you have to effectively use the killer, which should be easy enough with practice. It is said that each killer is hard to master on their own, but that’s completely dependent on the player based on how they use each killer’s particular power.

While some may think it would be difficult to use killers like The Clown or The Twins, it could be easier for them to try out characters like the Nurse or the Spirit. Even players with designated mains have said it’s difficult to get the Merciless Victory even if they’re experienced with the hero.

Then again, it depends on who you’re going up against, so make sure you’re always ready for anything to come at you.

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