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Battery Packs are crafting items used to make several machines in Stardew Valley. They are scarce resources that can not be acquired conventionally from mining rocks, foraging, or killing random monsters. Thankfully, you will only ever need them when you get to the later parts of the game. Find out more about how to acquire Battery Packs in this guide!

How to Get Battery Packs in Stardew Valley

During your playthrough, you may be exhausted from tending to your farm daily. You can get Sprinklers to water your crops daily instead of doing it yourself. Eventually, you will come across the recipe for Iridium Sprinkles. One Battery Pack is required to craft this top-tier sprinkler, but as mentioned above, they are not easy to farm. So here are some different ways you can do to acquire batteries in the game:

Lightning Rod

One of the tools that generate batteries is the Lightning Rod. Its conductive body absorbs the electrical charge from a lightning strike and converts them into Battery Packs. Lightning Rods are the primary source of batteries for players in the early game. Unfortunately, they can only be useful on days when thunderstorms occur.

Craft a Lightning Rod with 1 Iron Bar, 1 Refined Quartz, and 5 Bat Wings, and place it anywhere on your farm. You can then collect one Battery Pack from a Lightning Rod the next day.

Solar Panel

The Solar Panel is another tool that produces Battery Packs. Instead of absorbing electricity, it generates batteries from sunlight. On that note, place the Solar Panel outdoors so it can provide you with a Battery Pack every seven days.

You can make a Solar Panel with 10 Refined Quartz, 5 Iron Bars, and 5 Gold Bars. The crafting recipe for the Solar Panel can be obtained after completing Caroline’s Special Board quest, Island Ingredients.

Traveling Cart

The Traveling Merchant will sometimes sell Battery Packs, but the price can vary every time she visits. You can buy one from 1,500 to 2,500g. The Merchant stays in Pelican Town on Fridays and Sundays. And her shop is in Cindersap Forest near the Secret Woods.

Skull Cavern

Look out for some barrels, boxes, or crates in the corners of Skull Cavern because you might find some batteries inside. Destroy these objects with a weapon or a scythe, as they do not consume energy when used.

You can also hunt for Iridium Bats in Skull Cavern. These purple-colored bats start spawning on floor 51 and can also appear on Prehistoric Floors


Kent and Pam are two very different individuals, but they share the same habit of sending you Battery Packs in the mail. As your friendship increases, you will get more gifts from them. Kent can be easily befriended when constantly given Roasted Hazelnuts and Fiddlehead Risotto. Meanwhile, Pam loves all alcoholic beverages, much to Penny’s chagrin. She also fonds Cactus Fruit, Parsnips, Parsnip Soup, and Glazed Yam.

Uses of Battery Packs

Iridium Sprinklers aside, a couple more machines, devices, and decorations need Battery Packs to function fully. The following list shows all the items that run on batteries:


It can duplicate any gemstone.

Source: Reach Mining Level 9

Ingredients: 1 Battery Pack, 99 Stones, 5 Gold Bars, and 2 Iridium Bars

Slime Egg-Press

Turns 100 Slime into a Slime Egg.

Source: Reach Combat Level 9

Ingredients: 1 Battery Pack, 25 pieces of Coal, and 1 Fire Quartz

Wood Lamp-Post

Illuminates its surroundings.

Source: Purchase from the Robin’s Shop

Ingredients: 1 Battery Pack and 50 pieces of Wood

Iron Lamp-Post

Illuminates its surroundings.

Source: Purchase from the Robin’s Shop

Ingredients:  1 Battery Pack and 1 Iron Bar

Mini Jukebox

It can play a variety of music.

Source: Encounter Gus’ 5-heart event

Ingredients: 1 Battery Pack and 2 Iron Bars

Computer Farm

Shows information about the farm.

Source: Special Order quest reward

Ingredients: 1 Battery Pack, 1 Dwarf Gadget, and 10 Refined Quartz

And that is how you farm for Battery Packs effectively. If you want to know more about where or how to obtain resources in Stardew Valley, check out our other guides here on Player Assist!

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