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Like other games, Minecraft offers all kinds of achievements—also known as advancements in Minecraft Java Edition—that help players guide themselves to know what to do next once they complete a task or a quest in the game. Obtaining specific items and doing certain tasks will award players with these advancements, which will guide them in completing the next objective.

How To Get The Minecraft Advancement

The game has received various major updates throughout Minecraft’s history, which introduced new blocks, new mobs, new items, and new changes in its gameplay. And with each new update came a set of new advancements for players to accomplish. And while most of the advancements in the game are fairly easy to do and require little to no effort, some advancements will require proper procedure and planning first to obtain the said advancement.

And one of these so-called difficult advancements to achieve is the Uneasy Alliance advancement. The Uneasy Alliance is quite a tricky and unique advancement in Minecraft as it involves careful planning and danger to the player. It involves a special kind of hostile mob in the game that can only be found in the Nether and is extremely dangerous when faced against. This unique hostile mob is called a ghast. The ghast is a giant floating white hostile mob that attacks the player by shooting fireballs through its mouth. It is terrifying up close and definitely all the more once you hear its screech-like sound. The Uneasy Alliance advancement is something that no ordinary player can pull off, especially as the challenge begins in the Nether, where hostile mobs lurk in almost every corner and lava flows down beneath the islands and biomes. But once you are equipped with the right gear and equipment to traverse the Nether safely, you might be able to pull off this difficult yet satisfying achievement. And to do just that, read on to find out what you will need to bring into the Nether and what you must do to obtain the Uneasy Alliance advancement in Minecraft.

What You Will Need To Bring Inside The Nether in Minecraft

Inside the Nether, danger lurks in every corner. Whether it is the lava down below, the hostile mobs that roam there, or the dark atmosphere of the Nether, it is not a place that every player can venture off to. And although it is designed to be eerie and terrifying, the Nether is also an important place that players must go to eventually as there are crucial items in the game that are only obtainable inside the Nether. And as much as you would like to avoid it, the Nether is the only place to start the challenge in obtaining the Uneasy Alliance advancement. Hence, here is a list of some of the items and equipment that you should bring with you to the Nether if you are planning to get the advancement in Minecraft.

  • Armor: You should be equipped with at least a full set of iron or diamond armor when venturing the Nether. Being equipped with a full set of either of these two armor sets will enhance your survivability in the Nether. Generally, you will mostlikely encounter hostile and neutral mobs such as skeletons and piglins so equipping yourself with a good armor set can help you survive these attacks. A good armor enchantment to equip is the Protection enchantment. This enchantment will help reduce the damage that melee attacks deal especially for armed neutral mobs like the piglins as they mostly carry a golden sword. To fight against the ghast and survive its attacks long enough to bring it to the overworld, you will need to equip your armor with the Blast Protection enchantment. This enchantment will reduce the damage of the fireball that the ghasts will throw at you as the fireball is considered to be an explosion in the game. It is best to equip your armor with at least a Blast Protection IV to fully utilize the strength of the enchantment. As an alternative, you can also equip your armor with the Fire Protection enchantment as this will reduce the damage fire deals and will also reduce burning time. However, take note you cannot equip both the Blast Protection enchantment and Fire Protection enchantment in the same armor slot as these are mutually exclusive enchantments.
  • Sword: The sword is your primary weapon whether you are in the Overworld or in the Nether. As it is your main weapon, you should have at least an iron or diamond sword in order to fight off any mob that might attack you. You can also deflect the ghast’s fireball attack with your sword and throw it back to the ghast so bringing a trusty sword with you is definitely important. Enchanting your sword with the Sharpness enchantment will increase the sword’s base attack damage and allowing you to easily kill the hostile mobs in the Nether.
  • Bow: The bow is your secondary weapon and can become the weapon in which you will use to defeat the ghast in order to obtain the advancement. Having a bow enchanted with good enchantments will definitely make your life easier whether you are trying to kill a ghast or other hostile mobs in the Nether. Since killing a ghast will take multiple tries in order to land the arrow on the ghast itself, it is important to equip your bow with the Infinity enchantment to remove the possibility of running out of arrows altogether. You may also equip your bow with the Power enchantment as this can highly increase the damage you deal with your bow.
  • Shield: Bringing a shield will help you defend yourself against attacks especially ranged ones. You can potentially block the ghast’s fireball with your shield, though the explosion will still occur. However, even when the explosion may still damage you, blocking the attack with your shield will lessen the overall damage of a direct hit from a ghast fireball.
  • Food: Food is your main source to heal back missing health points and therefore should be a priority on your to-bring list. Food items that are essentially helpful are steak, cooked porkchops, and golden carrots. Alternative food items that are just as good are bread, cooked muttons, cooked chickens, baked potatoes, and cooked rabbits.
  • Fishing Rod: Although it sounds ridiculous, using a fishing rod to hook and transport the ghast into the nether portal is an effective way to quickly obtain the advancement. You will only need to bring 1 fishing rod.
  • Obsidian Blocks: The obsidian blocks will become your portal frame to teleport yourself to the Nether and vice versa. In order to fit a whole ghast inside the Nether portal, it should be large enough and therefore should require you to obtain more than the minimum number of obsidian blocks needed. You will mostlikely need to build two nether portals—one for your initial travel to the Nether, and the second one to transport the ghast to the overworld—in which case, it will require you to bring more obsidian blocks.
  • Flint and Steel: The flint and steel will be the trigger to open the portal to the Nether. You will only need to bring 1 flint and steel as it can be reused multiple times.

How To Obtain The Uneasy Alliance Advancement in Minecraft

  1. Create an initial nether portal and travel to the Nether.
  2. Find a good location with a high altitude in the Nether.
  3. Build the second nether portal large enough to fit the ghast in.
  4. Find a ghast and bait it to follow you to the nether portal by staying in its line of vision.
  5. Use a fishing rod and hook it to the ghast.
  6. Drag the ghast using the fishing rod repeatedly until the ghast enters the nether portal.
  7. Enter the nether portal and travel to the overworld.
  8. Kill the ghast in the overworld.
  9. Receive the advancement message “Uneasy Alliance”.

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