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Stardew Valley players have been getting free updates ever since the game came out, and the biggest and latest update we received from ConcernedApe so far is version 1.5. This update included a whole new area to explore, some quality-of-life improvements, and all kinds of new items to play with such as Radioactive Ore.

How to Get Radioactive Ore in Stardew Valley

Radioactive Ore is a glowing green rock used to make items you’ll most likely attain only much later in the game. It can only be found in Radioactive nodes and it is said to be rarer than Iridium Ore. Needless to say, acquiring this rare Ore is no simple task.

There are only a few ways to acquire Radioactive Ore but before we get into that, let’s talk about its uses and the items you can craft it with.

Radioactive Ore’s Uses

Hyper Speed-Gro

Crops need a healthy amount of fertilizers to grow well, and when it comes to fertilizers that increase the growth speed of your plants, you need some good ones. The Hyper Speed-Gro is your best possible choice! You can buy its crafting recipe from Mr. Qi for 30 Qi Gems.

Magic Bait

The Magic Bait will make it possible for you to catch any type of fish, regardless of the season, weather, or time of day. Need to fish a Smallmouth Bass in Winter? Throw in the fish hook with a Magic Bait and wait for the Smallmouth Bass to get magically reeled in. You can purchase its crafting recipe from Mr. Qi for 20 Qi Gems, or you can buy Magic Bait from him for 5 Qi Gems each, as an alternative.

Heavy Tapper

Place a tapper on any tree, and you will get a steady supply of syrups and tars. A tapper that is made of Hardwood and Radioactive Bar is called a Heavy Tapper. The Heavy Tapper can provide you with syrups, tars, or oil faster than a normal tapper. Once again, you can purchase the recipe from Mr. Qi in the amount of 20 Qi Gems.


Putting an item inside a Hopper will have it automatically stored inside a machine that’s in front of it. For instance, if you want to sell stacks of mayonnaise in one day, you can chuck eggs inside a Hopper and watch them get transferred into the Mayonnaise Maker. Getting the mayonnaise after it’s processed will make the Hopper directly load an egg inside the Mayonnaise Maker. The Hopper’s crafting recipe costs 50 Qi Gems, and you can get it from Mr. Qi.

Trading Radioactive Bars for Galaxy Souls

Galaxy Souls are used to refine weapons, accessories, and tools, along with the elusive Prismatic Shards. They are incredibly steep as they are worth 40 Qi Gems each. Galaxy Souls are also a rare enemy drop that can only be acquired in The Mines during the Dangers in the Deep quest. Alternatively, they can also be traded with the Island Trader in Ginger Island after killing 50 dangerous monsters while undertaking the aforementioned quest. You can exchange 10 Radioactive Bars for one Galaxy Soul.


The only person who’s daring enough to accept a Radioactive Ore or a Radioactive Bar is Maru. The rest of the villagers seem to have a distaste for gleaming green rocks that they think are most likely dangerous.

Selling the Radioactive Ore/Bar

Whether contaminated with radioactive elements or not, you can still sell these items for a quick buck. Radioactive Ores cost 300 gold each, and Ores that get smelted into Radioactive Bars are worth 3,000 gold.

Sewing Turtleneck Sweater/Crafting Radioactive Goggles

Who would have thought that you can turn these Ores into clothing, too? Radioactive Ore can make a fashionable, Neon Green Turtleneck Sweater, while Radioactive Bar is used to craft Radioactive Goggles.

How to get Radioactive Ore

There are certain foes, enemy loot, and nodes you will only find in dungeons when a particular quest is activated. These quests are for the most part grueling, but putting up with these difficult challenges will definitely reward you with precious items.

Complete Qi’s Quest: Danger in the Deep

Mr. Qi has a strange room in Ginger Island called the Walnut Room. Inside that room, you can find a special order board where you can accept requests from Mr. Qi himself.

The Danger in the Deep is one of the challenges you can receive from Mr. Qi. If you accept it and go over the Mines, the environment of the floors will change into a sinister-looking blue theme, and the enemies that will try to attack you are even more threatening. During that quest, you may chance upon a couple of Radioactive Nodes.

If you’re able to finish this quest, the Shrine of Challenges will appear on the 120th floor. The Shrine can alter the difficulty setting of the floors in the Mines which you can activate or deactivate any time you want. Toggling it on will spawn floors with tougher enemies, rarer loot, and some Radioactive Nodes.

During the Skull Cavern Invasion Quest

Another challenge you can take up from Mr. Qi is the Skull Cavern Invasion Quest. You can find some Radioactive Nodes in the Skull Cavern as long as the quest is active, but you won’t find that many Nodes there compared with the number of Ores you can scout out in The Mines.

Dangerously Valuable

You can use Radioactive Ores to craft exquisite new items, but they are hard to come by. Like most scarce materials in this game, you will have to count on your luck to farm a handful of them. Don’t forget to take up these challenges on a lucky day, bring plenty of luck-boosting food and drinks, and equip your Lucky Ring. With enough luck, you will surely stumble upon floors that spawn countless Radioactive Nodes.

Have you found your first Radioactive Ore yet? What do you usually use these Ores for? Please let us know in the comments below.

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