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The Sims 4: Bust the Dust is one of those kits that not only features new objects but also incorporates a new gameplay mechanic that allows your Sims to clean the dust around the house. This guide will tell you more about the contents of this kit and how these dust particles affect the daily lives of your Sims.

How to Get Rid of Dust in The Sims 4

Bust the Dust Kit has a Dust System that can change the environment of a room and the moods of your Sims, depending on how pristine or filthy it is. Like in real life, dust can spread on floors, objects, and even in the air. Every room has a different state of cleanliness, so it will be up to your Sims to make sure the dirt will not accumulate in a room, or they will have a hard time cleaning it off! A house with a large family can greatly affect its level of cleanliness, especially if it has pets scampering around. 

Levels of Cleanliness

There are four levels of cleanliness in a home that your Sims may monitor and check at any time. You wouldn’t want to neglect all the dust hanging around a room as your Sims can get easily frustrated with them. You can clearly see how the dust usually piles up in a room, but you may also inspect its state of cleanliness by clicking the Check Dust Levels action in any area of the floor.

Squeaky Clean

BTD Clean

If a room is as clean as a whistle, you will see nothing but a shiny floor that sporadically glimmers. Sims will acquire positive moodlets from staying in a spotless room and get a focus boost in working from home, learning new abilities, and leveling up their skills.

Somewhat Dusty

BTD Dusty

A dusty room can be rather tolerable to Sims, and it will not give them negative moodlets. In fact, they will feel right at home because it’s perfectly normal for homes to get dust here and there. Sims become comfortable and relaxed in a dusty area, making them enjoy mingling with other Sims and cleaning their house more.

It’s Getting Dirty In Here

BTD Dirty

If the dirt in a room starts to get out of hand, this is when Sims start to feel uneasy. Gone are all the sparkles on shiny floors, and instead, you will see the dust piling up and the air getting thick with spores. Sims that linger in a dirty room will not be able to concentrate on whatever tasks they’re doing. They will also find it difficult to build relationships with other Sims as they will feel too irritated to be in a socializing mood.

Filthy As A Pigpen

BTD Filthy

Having a filthy room can mean two things, it may have been vacant for a while, or Sims have been spending too much time in this room without even trying to pick up a Vacuum Cleaner. A Sim wouldn’t be able to stand being in a filthy room for too long. All the grime, mountains of dust, and impurities in the air will make any Sim feel uncomfortable. Staying in a filthy room can cause them to lose focus in finishing their activities. Even creative Sims will also lose their inspiration and motivation to work on their craft.

The Tools for Cleaning

The only tool we can use to get rid of the dust in this kit is a Vacuum Cleaner. Let us take a look at the different types of Vacuum Cleaners that Sims may use to satisfy their cleaning urges.

Full-sized Vacuums

BTD DirtHerder
  • Dirt Herder 5000 Upright Vacuum Cleaner by SuckUp Industries: A Vacuum Cleaner that is perfect for Sims who own a modern-themed home.
BTD Chaperone
  • The Dusty Chaperone Upright Vacuum Cleaner by SuckUp Industries: Sims with retro-style houses will definitely need one of these classic Vacuum Cleaners.
BTD G7Swivel
  • G7 Swivel Swank by Gruntled Inc.: This is an Upright Vacuum Cleaner that is designed to fit in a futuristic home.

Handheld Vacuums

BTD DustDandy
  • Dust Dandy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by SuckUp Industries: A handy-dandy Vacuum Cleaner with a contemporary style.
BTD Debonair
  • The Debonair Dust Port by Gruntled Inc.: A futuristic-looking Vacuum Cleaner only this time, it is portable.

How to Get Rid of Dust in A Room

BTD BuyVaccuums

1. Buy a Vacuum Cleaner in the Build/Buy Mode. Vacuum Cleaners only cost around 340 to 950 Simoleons, so any Sim with a large house could definitely afford to buy them. Choose whatever Vacuum Cleaner suits the style of your home.

BTD Vacuuming

2. If you notice that your Sims are beginning to get negative moodlets from all the dust in a room, you may get them to fetch a Vacuum Cleaner and start cleaning.

BTD Handheld

3. Using an Upright Vacuum, you can make a dirty room dust-free again with minimal effort. Meanwhile, Handheld Vacuum cleaners let you clean any object in the house. You can even go as far as cleaning toddlers and kids that refuse to take a bath with a Handheld Vacuum cleaner.

BTD Throw

4. Empty the Vacuum cleaner once it is full of dirt. Failing to do so will cause the dust inside the Vacuum to overflow and will eventually break.

BTD Upgrade

5. You may also upgrade your Vacuum Cleaner to increase its effectiveness. You can add a Bottomless Pit upgrade and never worry about emptying the Vacuum Cleaner again. You can supply your Vacuum Cleaner with a Self-Charging Power Cell, which means you will no longer need electricity to make it work. Or you can add an upgrade called Titanium Rotors, causing it to become indestructible. With the Vaporizing Pulse upgrade, you can also turn your Vacuum Cleaner into a more reliable and efficient cleaning tool.

Meet the Dust Creatures

Believe it or not, the dust that gathers up in this game can gain sentience, like soot gremlins! Here are the two types of dust creatures you may be able to find in this kit:

Dust Bunnies

BTD DustBuns

People may sometimes wonder why the term dust bunnies exist. Sure, clumps of dust may appear furry and can make you sneeze, but they certainly aren’t cute like bunnies. 

Dust Bunnies in this game can be brought to life if you let an area in a house become Dusty or Dirty. They are friendly little creatures who can become your fantastic little companions, that is, until you decide to suck them up with a Vacuum Cleaner. You can give them a name, feed them with dust, pet them, and befriend them. Sims may also be able to step on Dust Bunnies,  which can cause a sad moodlet for good-natured Sims. There’s also an option to vacuum them if you think you have too many Dust Bunnies in your home already.

But you may have to take it easy on vacuuming these little dust mammals because you can actually gain something from keeping a few of them.

Clean to Earn

BTD DustBunsAskForValuables

Dust Bunnies are able to search for collectibles, upgrade parts, and a few Simoleons around the house. If you befriend one, you will have a better chance to obtain high-quality valuables from them. A happy, well-fed and befriended Dust Bunny will in no way disappear even if you clean a room they reside in.

Filth Fiends

BTD FilthFiend1

Filth Fiends are the creatures that spawn if you let a room become filthy for so long. Just like what their name suggests, they are nowhere near as friendly as Dust Bunnies. Filth Fiends are nasty little critters with glowing red eyes and a permanent scowl. You can name them, appease them to make them less mischievous, try to pet them, although interacting with them usually scare Sims. Sims end up getting more scared of Filth Fiends whenever they don’t succeed in petting them.

You can also ask them to Rummage for Clutter, and they will agree to provide you with items. However, there’s a higher chance for them to bring you trash instead of valuables.

You might be able to step on Filth Fiends, but Sims often get too terrified of them to attempt to touch them. Vacuuming them is still the best method to dispose of them forever.

Fire Hazard Fiends

BTD FilthFiend2

Filth Fiends are capable of destroying a house, all the more reason for you to vacuum them once you see a whole lot of them in one room. These dust creatures have a mischief level wherein if they reach a Very High level of mischief, they will most likely explode and cause a fire.

Bust the Dust

BTD TurnOff

If you’re getting tired of occasionally cleaning after your Sims’ mess and seeing all the Filth Fiends running amok in your home, you can always disable the dust system. To do that, toggle off the dust system in the Game Options. As long as it is turned off, you can say bye-bye to all the dirt and dust creatures without needing to get rid of them with a Vacuum Cleaner.

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