How to Get Wood in My Time at Sandrock


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Learn how to get wood in My Time at Sandrock!

How to Get Wood in My Time at Sandrock

Pathea Games’ My Time at Sandrock is an open-world RPG and crafting sim that more or less resembles the premise of its predecessor, My Time at Portia. Like the first game, you start as a novice builder living in a post-apocalyptic world who aims to help a town prosper by completing various building commissions.

But unlike Portia, where you can journey through a vast, lush region, Sandrock mostly has dry land with scarce vegetation. There are not abundant trees surrounding your workshop this time since trees are rare in Sandrock, so you’d be less likely to acquire wood.

As a rule of thumb, most crafting sim games require wood to craft starter objects. In My Time at Sandrock, wood is also used to fuel machines. But how does one secure a decent amount of wood supply early in the game? Let’s find that out in this guide!

How to Get Wood in Sandrock

W Burgess3B

Due to the shortage of trees, logging is strictly forbidden in Sandrock. If you attempt to chop down some cactus trees near your home, you will be warned by Burgess about deforestation. And so, there are only a few ways to acquire wood for your crafting needs.

Junk piles

W Junkpile

All around Sandrock, you will spot piles of garbage that contain wood. You can gather a piece of wood from these junk piles without needing to hit them with tools like an axe.

Aside from junk piles, you’ll also find Stone Piles, which give you a chunk of wood and dregs, but mostly stones. If you are lucky, you can also spot a Wood Pile that contains one to two pieces of wood.

If you feel that time passes too quickly in this game, you can adjust the Game Speed in the settings. Set it to 0.6 to lengthen the time of the day. After that, you can gather plenty of wood without worrying about sleeping too late.


W Bush2

Cactus trees may be off-limits, but you can always chop plants for a small amount of wood. Different types of bushes are scattered throughout the Eufaula Desert, and you can chop them down using a Stone Axe. Bushes also drop plant fibers and ingredients used for crafting or cooking.

Wood Scrap

W Wood Scrap2

Wood Scrap is an item you can recycle to get wood. You can gather them by chopping down some furniture debris from the ground. Junk piles may also contain these scrap materials.

Put wood scrap inside the Recycler and add drills or power stones to power up the machine. It will take one hour and 15 in-game minutes before the Recycler produces wood. You can get 3 to 4 pieces from salvaging one wood scrap.


W Deadwood

Deadwood is a tree stump mostly found in the dry parts of the desert. If you attempt to hit them with a stone axe, you will get a message that you will need a stronger axe to break them.

A Bronze Axe is what you need to be able to chop down Deadwood. Try to craft one early in the game. You must gather some Bronze Bars, Wooden Sticks, Copper Screws, and a Sharpening Stone to make a Bronze Axe.

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Bronze Bars are obtained from melting and refining Copper and Tin Ores in the Furnace. Wooden Sticks can be acquired by recycling Wood Scraps. Copper Screws are produced in a Grinder with one Copper Bar. Lastly, Sharpening Stones can be purchased in the Hammertime store.

Except for Wooden Sticks, you can buy all the aforementioned crafting materials from Hammertime.

Water World

W Water World2

Water World is a store run by Burgess near Sandrock’s Water Tower. The store sells water, farming supplies, and, most importantly, wood. For 30 Gols, you can purchase one piece of wood. Water World is open from 7:00 to 22:00.


W Tree2

You can try becoming an outlaw like Logan and chop some Trees when Burgess is not on patrol. But beware if he is nearby, as cutting down trees can result in you being reprimanded and penalized. If you get caught by Burgess, you’ll lose 100 Gols and 25 relationship points with him.

You can find Cactus Flower Trees and Cactus Trees all over the desert that can yield some wood. If you wander far from the city and out of Burgess’ sight, you will stumble upon trees you can chop down without getting fined. The game is in Early Access and has only a few types of trees.

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