Ghost Of Tsushima: Tips To Becoming The Strongest Samurai


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Ghost of Tsushima, a PlayStation exclusive, has finally launched today. In Ghost of Tsushima, you play as Jin Sakai, one of the last surviving samurai’s in his clan. He is tasked with the goal of repelling an entire Mongolian fleet, lead by general Khotun Khan. He is forced to do whatever it takes and stray from his traditions to reclaim his home land and protect his people.

Ghost Of Tsushima: Tips To Becoming The Strongest Samurai

This sounds intimidating, but with a few helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming the resolved hero of the 13th century. 


Cliff Dive To Cut Down Travel Time

  • If you’re extremely impatient, this may change your life. For those high cliffs between you and your destination, feel free to jump to your imminent death. When you go to land, use the Iron Will skill to revive yourself. A quick heal isn’t a bad idea either (to make sure you don’t get taken out by an angry animal). Now, it does cost you three resolve points to use it, but can we put a price on precious time?

Speak To Everyone With A “…”

  • In Tsushima’s villages, temples and public spaces, you’ll meet citizens with ellipses above their heads. Speak to all of them to learn details about secret locations and undiscovered side quests. The info they give you isn’t limited to the three main zones, either. 

Nature Can Be Your Tour Guide

  • Pay close attention to animals, like foxes or yellow birds. They can lead you to activities or special landmarks.

  • Smoke can also mark enemy strongholds, people in need, villages or other things to be discovered.

  • Watch out for buildings or rock faces that can be climbed. You may find something interesting or new at the top. 

Ghost of Tsushima

Complete Mythic Quests ASAP

  • Quests are broken up into three categories. Jin’s Story, the gold icon, are missions that compel the game’s plot forward. The white tales of Tsushima icons are traditional, optional side quests. Blue icons, mythic quests, are optional, but always worth the time. Each one rewards you with something game-changing: a weapon, set of armor, a combat skill and significant legend boosts. If you can, do these as soon as possible. 

Don’t Knock Your Traveler’s Attire

  • An early outfit, the Traveler’s Attire, is actually more practical than you think. On the never-ending quest of finding items, it’ll become a handy tool. Whenever you come within a close distance of a collectible, this attire will cause your controller to rumble. Yeah, the outfit doesn’t look so bad now, does it? The only thing is, it doesn’t detect anything height wise. If you’re looking for an object in the Traveler’s Attire, be sure to check all the floors of buildings too.

Evaluate Leaders Before Ending Them

  • There are four sword stances in Ghost of Tsushima: Stone, Wind, Water and Moon. Each one shells out bonus damage to a specific enemy class. Respectively, shields, swords, spears, and brutes—and it’s important to use them all. You’ll start the game with just the Stone stance unlocked. To earn new stances, you’ll have to either kill a lot of Mongol leaders or quietly watch them (by approaching undetected and maintaining line-of-sight for a few seconds).

    You can observe leaders before killing them to earn two stance points a piece. Do this at every Mongol base you come across that gives you the “observe” option. You’ll be able to open up the Moon stance before finishing the first act. So, in turn, yes, Ghost of Tsushima rewards you for playing stealthily. 

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Archer’s Should Be The First To Go

  • In large battles, focus on the archers and take them out as soon as you can. Trust me, you don’t want your combos interrupted by a series of arrows. You can unlock a skill that deflects arrows if you’re blocking. This works great for normal arrows, but it doesn’t do a thing to flaming arrows. 

An Enemies Clothing Gives You Clues

  • You are actually able to tell how difficult a foe will be by evaluating the color of their clothing. From most difficult to least difficult, the order is Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow and then Green, which is the easiest. 

Find A Trapper For Supplies

  • All weapon and armor upgrades require supplies. A common resource that always seems to be in short supply. Early on in the game, you might not need a surplus of supplies, but high-tier weapon and armor upgrades call for 750+ supplies a piece. If you’e in a pinch, find a trapper and trade some iron and linen. Each individual piece of linen or iron sells for 15 supplies a piece. Trade 20-40 of each and you’ll be loaded with supplies in no time.

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