How To Get To Brok’s Funeral in God of War: Ragnarok


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Learn how to get to Brok’s Funeral in God of War: Ragnarok!

How To Get To Brok's Funeral in God of War: Ragnarok

With a game like God of War Ragnarok, you can always expect there to be a body count, but one of the toughest deaths that players had to endure was that of Brok, the blue dwarf who was a master weaponsmith who forged Mjolnir and the Leviathan Axe.

Though Brok dies before the game’s climax, the main narrative doesn’t close the book on his story. The game does offer you the option to attend his funeral after the main campaign. To help you, here’s a guide on how to get there.

Who’s Brok?

Players are introduced to Brok in the first God of War. He introduces himself as the one who built Kratos’ Leviathan Axe. Players can present their weapons to Brok throughout the game for certain upgrades. Further down the line, you also meet his brother Sindri, a weaponsmith. However, a rivalry between the brothers would make for some comic relief.  

By the time of Ragnarok, Sindri and Brok had mended their rift and put up a forge that functions as it did in the first game. Throughout Ragnarok, Brok will follow the player around. He usually adds to the universe’s lore and talks about his love for crafting weapons.

A screenshot of Brok in God of War: Ragnarok
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Brok’s (Second) Death

After Brok helps Kratos forge the Draupnir spear, they return to their headquarters in Yggdrasil. There, the group starts to discuss a plan to sneak into Asgard. Despite Brok being categorized as the ‘dumber’ brother besides Sindri, he’s the one who can pinpoint that Tyr has been Odin in disguise all along—much to his detriment.

Odin stabs Brok with a kitchen knife, and he does. This caused a rift between Kratos and Sindri, and from that point, the forges were run by Lunda.

Attending Brok’s Funeral

Attending Brok’s funeral is simple and requires the player to visit specific locations. There isn’t anything to fight or puzzles to solve, but you get a lot of character interaction with other dwarves. Here’s how to trigger the favor:

Visit Lunda in Svartalfheim – Talking to Lunda in one of her forges will have her invite Kratos to Raeb’s Tavern in Nidavellir, triggering the Viking Funeral Quest.

Go to Raeb’s Tavern in Nidavellir – In the tavern, Kratos will have a chance to interact with Brok’s body, and he and Mimir will say their last words; then the map will tell you to go all the way to Sverd Sands (which is still in the same realm).

Paddle to the Sverd Sands – Take a boat to Sverd Sands, and Kratos will be prompted to interact with Brok’s body there. This will trigger a cutscene that will feature the final interaction with Sindri.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of having to do the quest, here’s the full scene:

Finishing the mission will unlock the Funeral for a Friend trophy. It doesn’t come with any additional weapons or perks, but it will be a necessary token for fans who like to complete the game at Platinum.

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Besides that, there are a lot of great character moments. Players will finally get the answer to Brok’s riddle of ‘What gets bigger the more you take away from it?’

God of War Sindri
via: Youtube/Zanar Aesthetics

Sindri’s Future

Though Sindri is considered a faithful companion throughout the whole game, the death of Brok certainly makes him do a serious turnaround, and even after Brok’s funeral, he is still not on good terms with Kratos.

It’s unclear how that will factor into the next God of War game, but fans are convinced that the Santa Monica developers don’t want to end the story of one of the most endearing characters in the game at a low point.

If anything, it could be like how Freya becomes an enemy after the first game and ends Ragnarok as Kratos’ new companion. Sindri (and even Brok) could be part of the third game in the series.

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