The Salem Kieran in Car Mechanic Simulator


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The Salem Kieran is just one of many job orders you’ll receive in the Car Mechanic Simulator.

The Salem Kieran in Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator offers a realistic and immersive car restoration/repair simulation that many car fans will enjoy. The game offers various challenges, including Story Missions, where you must repair customer cars for various rewards.

As you progress through Story Missions, you will encounter the Salen Kieran – one of many vehicles in the Car Mechanic Simulator.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about the Salem Kieran and how you can complete the Salem Kieran Story Mission in Car Mechanic Simulator.

What car is the Salem Kieran in Car Mechanic Simulator?

The Salem Kieran is a 4-door front-wheel-drive sedan based on the 1989 Ford Sapphire. It features an inline-four single overhead cam engine with 114 horsepower and 178 N.m of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels via a manual gearbox.

Salem Kieran from the Auction in Car Mechanic Simulator

Like most cars in Car Mechanic Simulator, the Salem Kieran is based on a real-life vehicle, including exterior and interior details, with the only difference being the vehicle’s name.

How to complete the Salem Kieran in Car Mechanic Simulator

The Salem Kieran is the fifth order you will receive in Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. The job is fairly simple, but the huge list of parts you need to replace will make it time-consuming.

A screenshot showing the car parts inventory in Car Mechanic Simulator

Order Summary:

“I bought this machine from a friend of mine who needed money quickly. He assured me that the car was fine, but I feel it pulling to the right… and this strange smell… like mushrooms? From what I remember, he works behind a desk, not in sales… Anyway, check what’s wrong with it and make it usable.”

To complete the Salem Kieran order, you need the following parts:

  • 4x Brake Pads
  • 10x Rubber Bushings
  • 2x Solid Axle Control Arms
  • 2x Wheel Hub Caps
  • 2x Outer Tie Rod
  • 2x Inner Tie Rod
  • 2x Brake Disc Ventilated
  • 2x Solid Rear Drive Axles
  • Steering Rack
  • Front Suspension Crossmember

To start things off, put the car on the lift and remove all the wheel, brake, and suspension components from the Salem Kieran. After you have removed all the parts, open your Inventory and add all the parts you removed to your shopping list. With all the parts added to your shopping list, access the Computer and purchase all the parts (refer to the list above). With all the parts purchased, all that’s left is to rebuild the Salem Kieran.

A screenshot of a bearing in Car Mechanic Simulator

A bearing glitch is one of the main reasons many people have problems with the Salem Kieran. To work around the glitch, make sure you have replaced the Front Left Brake Disc with a part that’s better than 50% durability.

Are there real cars in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021?

Almost every car in the base version of Car Mechanic Simulator is based on a real-life vehicle, the only difference being the cars’ names. However, some DLCs, such as the Nissan DLC, will have four fully licensed real-life cars, such as the Fairlady Z, Silvia S15, 370Z Nismo, and the mighty Nissan R35 GTR.

You can find more real cars in Car Mechanic Simulator in these DLCs.

  • Nissan DLC
  • Jaguar DLC
  • Porsche Remastered DLC
  • Pagani Remastered DLC
  • Land Rover DLC
  • Lotus Remastered DLC
  • Mazda DLC
  • Aston Martin DLC
  • Mercedes-Benz Remastered DLC
  • Ford Remastered DLC
  • Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler DLC

Box Era Sedan

The Salem Kieran is just one of many vehicles you can work on in the Car Mechanic Simulator. The Ford Sapphire-based sedan is nothing special in parts and performance, but its simple suspension layout makes it a great vehicle for learning the ins and outs of a car’s underchasis components.

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