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In Godfall, there are many interesting and helpful skill points that will help you take down strong enemies, but today we will focus on one particular over-powered skill point, which can be hard to execute.

Godfall: How to Get a Deathblow

There are ways you can increase your chances to successfully do this move, so in light of that fact, I will show you both how to do it, and how you can do it more efficiently.

How to Get a Deathblow – Godfall

If you haven’t got this skill, it’s a skill point you can get from Finesse, i.e. it branches off of that skill. You can do this skill move on the weak points of enemies.

The Deathblow is particularly strong against bosses, or tanky enemies.

Follow these steps to get a deathblow in Godfall:

  1. Initiate a fight with an enemy.
  2. Wait for the enemy to strike and perry or block the attack.
  3. Once you do, a weak point will appear on the enemy, aim at it and strike!
  4. You must be precise, because if you are off-target, you won’t get a Deathblow

How to Do the Deathblow Efficiently

Like I said, there are things you can do to do the Deathblow more efficiently. That is to use the Illumina valorplate.

The Illumina valorplate will show the enemies’ weak points always, so you won’t need to perry or block the attack to reveal them.

On top of that, it gets certain bonuses for executing a deathblow, so at the end of the day you will do far more damage than any other valorplate with a Deathblow.

So, to sum up, to use a Deathblow, you need to hit the weak spot of an enemy. You can reveal them with blocks or perries, or use the Illumina valorplate to always see them.

I understand that not everybody likes that valorplate, and it’s not exactly worth it to switch armor set just because of a skill, but it’s good to know if you are already using Illumina or you would consider doing so!

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